The Vampires Diaries Season 1 Pilot Review & Spoilers.

The hit new CW show The Vampire Diaries recently aired its pilot episode. Is it worth watching? Check out our Vampire Diaries Summary and...

The hit new CW show The Vampire Diaries recently aired its pilot episode. Is it worth watching? Check out our Vampire Diaries Summary and read on for our initial thoughts, but be aware that the article does contain some spoilers…


We kick off with the classic creepy graveyard scene, swirling mist and a mighty big black crow (or is it a raven? I’m not entirely sure.) and are soon introduced to our main characters Elena Gilbert; the popular high school student whose parents died in a tragic accident and Stefan Salvatore a centuries old vampire who seems already strangely besotted with Elena. Confusing? Not really.

With the show being produced and partially written by Dawson’s Creek alum Kevin Williamson we spent the first half an hour half expecting Pacey to jump from the shadows and declare his undying love for Joey Potter look-alike Elena, but as the show progressed we found ourselves becoming strangely drawn to the characters. Either we’d been ‘glamoured’ or this show could actually be shaping up to be some compulsive viewing!

The introduction of Stefan’s evil yet seductive brother Damon only heightened our excitement; two dark and brooding vampire brothers! CW you are really spoiling us!

The chemistry between the two and the sense of a long standing resentment for one another came across brilliantly on screen and looks set to play a key part in future plotlines. Damon is clearly the stronger of the two vampires due to his willingness to feed on human blood but we feel that Stefan might still have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Set in the fictional town of ‘Mystic Falls’ Elena and her brother Jeremy live with their college aged Aunt Jenna who has a hard time finding a balance between playing the mother figure to the two teenagers and being their friend. It will be interesting to see this relationship pan out and hopefully watch as Jenna gets more of her own scenes…

This first episode sees Party girl Vicky attacked in the woods. It is later revealed that her attacker was Damon, and that he has his sights firmly set on causing trouble for his David Boreanaz doppelganger brother Stefan no matter what the cost. Jeremy’s attraction to Vicky becomes clear despite her relationship to the school jock as he comes bounding to her aid after her attack. Will this develop further?..

With Vicky in hospital, Elena drawn to Stephan, Stephan troubled by his brother Damon and Jeremy seemingly in self destruct mode we predict that The Vampire Diaries series is going to be one hell of a ride and it’s sure to be this season’s hottest viewing!

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