These Four Things Are Ruining Your Body

We all want to have perfect bodies, thanks to the constant images we see on TV and in magazines. Heck, some of us would settle for better skin or slightly tighter abs. It may be unrealistic to imagine yourself looking like Kate Moss. Especially with all the Photoshopping that goes on in the industry. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself. The issue is, you might be doing a lot of things that are ruining your body. Here are four things you need to stop, if you want to be a more beautiful version of yourself.

  1. Eating Junk Food

We all like a little binge on crisps and chocolate now and then. That’s natural! However, eating too much junk food can play havoc with our bodies. Not only can it make us gain weight, but it can dull our sparkle too. Our teeth get affected, our skin gets greasy, and we just generally feel a bit naff. Eating too much junk food is a one way street to an unhappy you. Try swapping out all of those unhealthy snacks for fruit, vegetables and nuts. Just throw away all those candy bars! Make sure you’re getting home cooked meals and keep an eye out for healthier recipes. Just a few small changes can make all the difference.


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  1. Binge Drinking

We’ve entered an era where it’s perfectly normal to go out at the weekend and binge drink. Unfortunately, our bodies can’t cope with all that toxic alcohol entering our bloodstream. What was supposed to be a classy evening with the girls can quickly turn into something harmful to our bodies. Those who binge drink are far more likely to experience health problems. You’re also ruining your skin, hair, teeth, and waistlines. Try to curb your boozy weekends as much as possible. Always drink water in between each alcoholic beverage, to slow things down. Stick with drinks that won’t give you horrendous hangovers, so that you don’t reach for the greasy food the next day too.

  1. Smoking

If you smoke then you probably already know what it’s doing to your organs. Not to mention your bank balance! However, it’s not just about what smoking does to your lungs and your purse. Those who smoke will find themselves battling with yellow teeth, sallow skin, and dry hair. Not forgetting that awful smell you carry around with you. Even with all of the perfume you douse yourself in. Get yourself over to an electronic cigarette shop and buy an e-cigarette. You’ll still get your nicotine fix, but without many of the other harmful chemicals that go with normal cigarettes. You’ll also smell a lot nicer, and all of those beauty problems will clear up. It’s a win-win situation.


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  1. Being a Couch Potato

Are you one of those people that says you’ll go for a run and then never does? If you’d much rather sit in front of the TV than on a rowing machine, you could be ruining your body. And your mind! Of course, exercise is a great way to keep fit and reduce your waistline. They’re not the only benefits to hitting the gym though. Exercising releases happy hormones that can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. Which means, lots more confidence! If you’re confident in yourself, then you’ll find yourself smiling more. And those who smile more are a lot more attractive.

If you do any of these four things, then it’s time to start your life overhaul! Making a few small lifestyle changes could turn you into a better, more beautiful version of yourself.

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