The summer holidays are just around the corner and you can almost here parents around the globe panicking about what they are going to fill their child’s summer holidays with. There’s only so many hours that the TV and playing together will fill and once they’re bored of both, you can imagine the chaos that’s coming your way. Take a look at these fabulous ideas to consider for the summer holidays so that your break with the children can be as stress free and entertaining for everyone involved!

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Give them a project each

One thing that will keep your children entertained is giving them something to concentrate on for the duration of the summer holidays, or a project, as you might call it. Take a look at these project ideas that will give your children something to do each day:

  • Growing their favourite vegetables. Give them the task of looking after it and watering it each day so that at the end of the summer holidays, they can look forward to eating their creations!
  • Get some shaving foam and some food colouring and mix together. Putting them into translucent balloons will give them plenty to do and admire once they have finished their project!
  • Set your children a challenge of keeping their bedroom tidy each day. Things like making their bed, tidying their toys away and vacuuming if needed are all great examples of bedroom chores that your children should easily be able to do. If you make it a competition, they will win a prize at the end. It keeps the children entertained and gives you one less chore to do around the house!

Plan a vacation

One thing that everyone can agree the summer holidays are good for, is going on vacation. Why not get the children involved in planning their summer vacation so that you can keep them busy and also get them super excited about going away for a week or two. A great idea would be to look at some condos for sale so that each year you can take the children back to an area that they know and love. Plus, it’s a really great investment for the rest of the year as you can rent it out to holiday makers! Take a look at places that aren’t too far to travel to so that you’re not stuck with a long journey and bored children!

Arrange parties with other parents

You can guarantee that your child’s friends parents are feeling exactly the same way as you, so why not take the stress from all of your backs and arrange for the children to play together? Not only will your children enjoy the different company, but you will get a chance to have some adult conversation! Take turns in hosting the parties and you’ll soon see great friendships forming for both adults and children alike!

Give them a camera each

Your main objective in the summer holidays is to entertain your children throughout the day so that they will sleep well at night, so why not take them for long and scenic walks during the summer holidays? Alternatively, you could dust the bikes off from the shed and take some bike rides with your children, stopping every now and then for refreshment and a rest. Giving your children a disposable camera each will encourage them to take photos of their favourite places and at the end of the summer holidays, you could get the photos developed and put it into a scrapbook! You can buy disposable cameras really cheap these days, and getting the photos developed is kind on your wallet too!

Teach them a new skill

The one thing that your children won’t be doing in the summer holidays is learning something new, unlike when they are at school where they’re constantly learning. While it’s great for your children to relax and have a break, it’s also a good idea to keep their brains active and teach them new skills. We don’t necessarily mean maths or english either. Take a look at these ideas:

  • Cooking and baking with you or your partner. Getting your children into the kitchen and aware of what’s around them teaches them brilliant skills for later on in life.
  • Gardening like watering plants and picking weeds teaches them the value of looking after the things they have and also about the life of horticulture.
  • Folding and putting away their own clothes teaches independence and also takes a load off your back too.

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Have movie days

Sometimes you will find that the weather isn’t on your side, or none of your are feeling particularly energetic, so pop in a movie or two, stock up on your favourite snacks and have a movie day! You can buy DVDs fairly cheap from most supermarkets, and then you’ve got them to watch whenever you feel like it! Why not choose a movie each and spend the day snuggled on the sofa with your children!

Join in with their fun!

One thing that all kids love is when their parents join in with the activities that they are doing! So the next time they are in the paddling pool outside or kicking a football around, why not grab a super soaker and join in with the fun? Or, offer to be in goal so that there’s no arguments between the children! It will keep everyone active and you’ll actually find that you’re having a lot of fun joining in with their activities! Even if they’re on the PS4 or Xbox, even if you’re not very good, having you join in will make the world of difference to your children!

Give them chores

Finally, we’ve mentioned chores quite a bit in the article, and not only does it take a lot of work from your list of things to do, but it teaches your children to keep their home tidy. It also allows them to realise that to have nice things, they must work hard and look after what they have. Give them age appropriate chores and enjoy a nice, clean, and tidy home this summer!

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