Things Not to Do When Attending a Wedding

Aren’t wedding just magical? The only problem, is that things can sometimes go wrong. Some brides are really chilled out about the whole thing,...

Aren’t wedding just magical? The only problem, is that things can sometimes go wrong. Some brides are really chilled out about the whole thing, while others can be a big Bridezilla for the tiniest reason. To avoid feeling the wrath of the Bridezilla, here are some things you should not do when attending a wedding:

Wear Something Inappropriate

Never wear something that is borderline inappropriate to a wedding. Everybody will look at you, and you might even annoy the bride, which is the last thing you want to do. If you’re unsure, make sure you check with people you trust that it’s OK to wear. If you’re that unsure, you probably shouldn’t wear it after all and find something you’re more comfortable in. Your outfit should fit you perfectly, so make sure that you look at stores that offer tailoring or clothes in petite/larger sizes. For instance, you can find mother of the bride plus size clothing really easily!  

Fail to Consider the Colour Scheme

Don’t fail to consider the colour scheme of a wedding. If you don’t know it, then find out. The scheme will enable you to avoid clashing with everybody, while still looking great in photographs. At the same time, you don’t want to look like a cast off bridesmaid, so avoid their colours.

Get Too Drunk

I’ve seen so many guests get drunk at weddings and it really shouldn’t be the done thing. You could end up doing something you regret and ruining the couple’s day. If you don’t trust yourself not to snog the handsome best man after a few wines, you should definitely keep it controlled.


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Steal the Limelight

Don’t dance provocatively or make a show of yourself for whatever reason. Unless everybody is doing it, in which case go for it. Just be sure you’re not going OTT!

Take Someone Not Invited

Turning up with somebody who wasn’t even invited is a really bad move. You will really step on some toes here, so make sure you follow the invite. Don’t ask to take somebody either – you’re asking them to pay for a meal for your date!

Give a Speech You Wouldn’t Want Your Grandma to Hear

If you’re giving a speech at the wedding, make sure it’s PG. This means you shouldn’t mind if your grandma were to hear it. Anything saucier than that and you should cut it out!

Spill Anything on the Bride

When I say spill anything on the bride, I mean drink wise, not secret wise! When you near the bride, be respectful and put your drinks down. It might only be a little bit, and it might be an accident, but that doesn’t matter. Make sure you’re as careful as you can be.

Don’t do any of these things at the wedding and you should be fine. Also make sure you don’t touch the cake unless given a slice, but in somebody’s speech, or do anything else that will be frowned up. What you should do, is have a good time. Enjoy it!


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