Things You Must do in Blackpool

If you’re going to Blackpool, you just know you’re going to have a lot of fun! If you haven’t been before, you’re in for a treat. It isn’t the most luxurious of places, but it will definitely put a smile on your face. Here are some things you must do in blackpool:

Ride a Donkey on the Beach

Riding a donkey on the beach is compulsory for kids in Blackpool. It’s a bit like riding a horse, although it’s in true Blackpool style. This activity is best for kids, as you need to be particularly light to ride a donkey. However, it’s still fun to watch. Don’t be upset adults – there’s lots more for you to do!

Go to Pleasure Beach

Pleasure beach is the best place for thrill seekers to visit. If you love big rides, you can find all kinds of them here. In fact, one of the most famous rides in the world lives here – the Pepsi Max! It’s also home to one of the scariest houses of horror. I love coming here for a weekend break. Go along if you’re brave enough!  



Shop for Tat

It isn’t for everyone, but there are lots of tat shops in Blackpool. It might put some people off, but others think it’s charming. You can buy novelty items in all shapes and sizes here; keyrings, t-shirts, inflatables…all kinds! If nothing else, you’ll have a laugh while looking at them with your friends.

Eat Out

You might not be aware, but the food in Blackpool is quite tasty too! The takeaways are good – fish and chips comes highly recommended. However, consider eating in somewhere if you want a real treat. You may not have thought you’d find a luxury restaurant in Blackpool, but there are a couple! Treat yourself and it might shine a new light on this charming yet delightfully tacky place.

Find Some High Street Bargains

As Blackpool is a large city, of course there’s a shopping centre. If you’d rather shop high street than for tat, you can do that too. If you’re a sucker for clothes, make sure you take enough money along with you. There are a lot to look at!

Have a Few Cocktails

When I say a few cocktails, you could interpret this as a full blown night out. Whichever you’d rather, you can. I know lots of people come here for hen and stag weekends, and some people just head over for a big night out. There are big clubs you can visit or smaller bars, whichever you want. Afterwards, you can head back to your accommodation for a kebab. You can find some nice places to stay, but most of them are a short taxi ride outside of the main area. If you stay in the main part of Blackpool, don’t expect to be staying anywhere with a star.

Which of these things will you do when you visit Blackpool? It really is a charming place if you give it a chance!


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