Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine’s Day Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Have you even thought about it yet? If you haven’t, we’re here...

Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Have you even thought about it yet? If you haven’t, we’re here for you to show you some ideas for gifts. The gifts are super thoughtful but won’t cost the earth. There is no need to go overboard on valentine’s day but make sure that it is the thought that counts.

Make a Playlist

Gone are the days of making a mixed tape our burning a CD for your love. What you could do is put together a playlist for your valentine for their MP3 player, smartphone or computer. This is a gift that will only take up your time but will need a lot of thought. Think about your Valentine and go for songs that they love. There will be bonus points for including ‘your’ song or songs that mean something to you both from the time in your relationship.

You could even include podcasts or anything that is relevant. They can enjoy this every day on their way to school or work so it will be so special.

Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine's Day


Think about your love’s favourite flowers or plants. You can even order them from an online florist so that they can be delivered right to their door. If a typical bunch of flowers isn’t their thing, think about plants. You could go for a low maintenance cactus or bonsai tree. These will last a long time and makes for such a thoughtful gift as it is out of the ordinary.

Cook for Them

No need to go out to eat on a busy night like valentine’s day. Cook them a meal at home, it is such a thoughtful gift and makes a special evening for the two of you. It will be much more intimate than being in a busy restaurant. The chances are that it will cost you less to cook a meal at home than eating would cost too. Think about your valentine’s favourite foods and plan a menu around that. It will make for a special evening if you put a few decorations up like candles and romantic lighting.


If you live together, make some vouchers that you can give to your love. The most thoughtful ones to receive are vouchers that they can redeem for doing the laundry or washing the car. When you do something that helps to lighten their load a little bit, it makes the best gift. It shows that you have thought about them and what would make their day or week a little easier.

You can get other vouchers for a gift too. Think about something that your Valentine does or uses a lot. If they always get a coffee on the way home from work, how about a gift card for their favourite coffee shop? It will be saving them money that they would be spending anyway. So shows a lot of thought going into the gift.

Do you have any plans for valentine’s day? I hope that you have a happy and thoughtful time.



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