Thoughtful Gifts That Cost Very Little Money

So, you’ve got to get a gift for someone, but you’re short on money. The panic sets in as you realise you won’t be...

So, you’ve got to get a gift for someone, but you’re short on money. The panic sets in as you realise you won’t be able to get them anything nice! But wait, you can get someone a great gift without spending lots of money? It’s true, and here are three thoughtful gift ideas that cost very little:


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Homemade Food

You can’t go wrong with a food gift. In general, buying someone a food related gift is the quickest way to earn their love. But, let’s take things up a notch. What’s better than buying someone food? Making it yourself! Create a delicious homemade meal for the person in need of a gift. You could go all out and cook them a three-course meal of all their favourite foods. Or, if you want to dial it back a notch, why not make a little food parcel. You can make your own sweet treats, like fudge or chocolate, and package them up nicely. Then, you give it to them as a present and watch their eyes sparkle with joy as they taste your homemade treats.

Handmade Cards

This is a lovely little gift that will show someone how much you care about them. On the surface, it may not seem like an amazing gift. A homemade card, so what? But, if you do things properly, you can put a lot of love into it. Design a card that is tailor made for whoever you’re giving it to. Consider getting pictures of the two of you and making a mini collage on the inside. You can get craft guns from Glue Guns Direct and stick things to the card. Imagine someone gave you a little charm the first time you met. You could stick that to the card; it would be very sentimental. Don’t be worried about the card looking bad. At the end of the day, if you put your heart and soul into it, it will look amazing.


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A Musical Gift

If you’ve got a musical talent, now’s the time to make good use of it. You could write and perform a song for your loved one. How brilliant is that? It shows you’ve put so much thought into a gift, really created it for them. Of course, not everyone has a musical talent. Even those that can play an instrument may be unable to write an entire song. So, I have a few alternatives. You could take lessons beforehand and get someone to teach you how to play one of their favourite songs on the guitar or any other instrument. Or, you can give them a different musical idea. Create a CD full of memorable songs. Songs that are special to the two of you. This is incredibly thoughtful and shows that you’ve gone the extra mile.

All three of these gifts are perfect for anyone that’s on a budget. You don’t need a wallet full of cash to make someone feel special. All you need is to put some love and thought into your gift ideas. If anything, they’ll prefer these thoughtful gifts because it shows how much you care for them.

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