Three Effective and Natural Ways To Get Super Sleek Hair

Every woman wants hair that looks luscious and healthy and feels soft and luxurious. There are a few, very lucky people who are blessed with naturally gorgeous locks. For most of us, however, we resign ourselves to the fact that we were born with dry, frizzy hair, and although we have learnt how to tame it, we can’t do much to change it. Stop right there! What if we told you that not only is it possible to get luscious locks, but you can achieve this transformation using totally healthy and natural methods? If you think this sounds too good to be true, read on for not one, but three ways you can do this. It’s time to wave goodbye to bad hair days!


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As if the avocado isn’t amazing enough already, it now appears it does wonders for our hair. It locks in moisture and leaves your hair looking glossy from root to tip. Avocado should be applied as a hair mask. Mix avocado, with a little oil, lemon and peppermint tea to make a stiff substance. Apply all over wet hair. A word of warning: it looks really disgusting when on, but you only have to suffer for 30 minutes before you can wash it out. Even after one try of this you’ll notice how soft and silky your hair looks and feels.


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Argan oil

If your hair feels dry and looks dehydrated, it would certainly benefit from a dose of argan oil. Argan oil is a natural elixir extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, mainly found in Morocco. Argan oil has benefits for your hair, skin and nails. In terms of your locks, the oil nourishes, strengthens and restores shine making them look healthy and glossy. You can buy pure argan oil easily online. Apply a few drops of argan oil to wet hair after washing. The longer you leave the oil in your hair the better the results will be. Regular use of argan oil can lead to better looking and feeling hair.


Image: Daniel Novta

Raw egg

Sounds revolting, but hear us out. Egg is rich in protein. When applied to the hair, it significantly improves the moisture and strength. This results in silky strands and fewer split ends. If you suffer from limp, flyaway hair, the protein in raw egg will also help to thicken things right up. Desperate to give it a go? Mix two eggs in a bowl and cover your whole head of hair in the gooey substance. Cover with a shower cap for 15 minute while the eggs do their magic. Rinse with cold water to avoid the egg cooking and to close up the hair follicle.

Now that we have introduced you to these 100% natural and very effective ways to get perfect looking and feeling hair, it’s time to give them a go! Try each of them out a few times and please let us know how you get on. We hope you see significant results very soon!



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