When you and your friends have kids, organising any kind of get together, whether big or small, becomes a strategical operation. Celebrations become non-existent. Getting a babysitter, finding a time when you are all free and getting the opportunity to book restaurants or host a party are all too difficult. However, being a hard-working Mum, it’s important to let your hair down every now and again, especially when you have something to celebrate, like a birthday. Here are some helpful tips that will allow you to celebrate without having a headache!


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Tip one: make it a family affair

Why not consider hosting a family celebration with kids included? This removes the need for you and your friends to organise and pay for babysitters and it means the kids can entertain each other while the adults catch-up. Some great ideas for a celebration with the family include a big day at the zoo, a helicopter ride with a company like Pleasure Flights Ltd or a bbq in the garden, park or at the beach. There are also a number of family-friendly restaurants you may wish to check out for your celebration. Pizza Express, for example, is known for being very accommodating to children and large groups.


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Tip two: have a girls night out

Ideally your partners would be there too, but if it’s too difficult to arrange for babysitters, you may wish to celebrate with just the girls. Apart from the fact that you’ll get some much-needed time with your close friends, you also don’t have to worry about your babies or young children when you are out. You can relax because you know they are in safe hands. You may not have had the opportunity to go out for a while so take the opportunity to blow off some steam, eat some delicious food and enjoy a couple of cocktails.

Tip three: organise a pyjama party

You may be thinking “aren’t we a bit old for that?”. The answer to that would probably be yes. But the pj party isn’t for you, it’s for the kids! If you and your friends are finding it tricky to find babysitters, it might be an idea to bring your children together in one place. Then you can organise for one or two sitters to look after them. Not only will this reduce your costs, but it will also mean that all your friends will be able to make it to the celebration. A word of warning though. This might not work if you have a large group of children as it may be too difficult for the babysitter to manage and the children may become overexcited and unable to get to sleep.

Having young kids means organising events become that little bit harder. However, don’t just assume you won’t be able to celebrate this year. Try out these tips so that you can have some well-deserved fun without ending up in an organisational nightmare.

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