Tips for Watch and Jewellery Care for Surf and Sea Holidays

Whether you’re planning to hit the beaches in the UK or abroad this year for some sun and sea, be sure to take care of your watches and jewellery. (the UK’s leading online independent watch retailer) provides tips on buying a watch for sea holidays as well as taking care of it and precious jewellery you may take as well.


“As you leave for holiday, be sure your hotel has a safe or in-room safe for any jewellery you may want to leave behind before heading to the beach” suggests Terry Markham of “This is especially important for high value items or even those that hold sentimental value.”


1. When choosing a watch to take to the beach, be prepared for it to be used, and used well. Make sure it is durable and tough enough to handle what you plan to do with it.


2. Sun and salt is a bad combo for anything except a tan, so choose a watch that might not fade, coloured watches can fade or can change colour slightly. This adds character in some minds, but not all, so be mindful when you buy it.


3. When buying or taking a watch you already own to water-related destination, be sure they are either water proof when submerged or at least water resistant.


4. If you’re planning to swim a lot or dive, be sure you choose a watch that is water proof to at least 5 bar (marked 50m) or higher.


Terry Markham of says, “A watch can look good, but if it is full of water and doesn’t work, it is just a fancy bracelet”.


Caring for your watch and jewellery at the beach


· If you do swim with your watch, ensure the crown is pushed in fully, screwed down if the watch has this function. Don’t try to use the chronograph while the watch is wet as water can get into the pusher mechanism and enter the watch.


· If your watch does get soaked in the sea, wash it off with clean water, as prolonged exposure to sea water can damage cases and bracelets, and can affect gaskets and seals making the watch lose its water resistance.


· Try to keep all watches and jewellery out of direct sun, especially leaving on a hot surface such as a table for hours on end. Watch dials end up being faded and warp from the heat, and oils within the watch may dry up and stop lubricating delicate components.


· Try to keep leather straps dry, and keep out of water. Leather straps can cause sweat to permeate the strap leaving it salty and horrid, and water will eventually weaken the leather.


· Make sure your watch and bracelets are loose when worn in hot countries to allow the skin to breathe. This will help reduce skin rashes caused by heat.


· Don’t wear your watch or jewellery while applying sunscreen. On watches it can penetrate any leather straps and make them feel very uncomfortable, as well as discolouring stones on the case. Chemicals can also impact on the water resistance.


· If you have had the battery changed in your watch changed recently, make sure the watch is resealed to the correct pressure rating, so it performs best when you need it to.


· Make sure you don’t damage the watch when diving or doing any other high impact sports. This can lead to the watch performing terribly.

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