It’s something that can happen to all of us when it comes to our home. After years of living in the same property, it can get quite monotonous, and if it’s not ideally designed or laid out to your tastes, you can end up disliking your own home. However, fear not, as there is plenty you can do to make sure you find a love for it once more. Here are some tips for falling in love with your home again.

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Declutter It

Firstly, the best way to get yourself into a better mindset towards your home is by decluttering it. There’s probably lots of stuff that sits around your home, whether it be on the floor, out on a desk or drawer that just doesn’t have a proper place to live in your property. It’s essential that everything does indeed have its place and that the less you have cluttering up the floor space, the better your space will feel. 

Try to declutter your spaces where possible, taking some time out with the household to do a complete declutter of the home. It can be important to do so in order to get rid of all the old and useless things that are likely lying around your home and taking up space. It can be frustrating when you have things that are taking up room in your home, and they’re not even being used. 

Set A List Of Projects

A list of on-going projects can be a good idea to make sure your home is looking better each time you cross or tick something off that list. Look at what you’d like to achieve with your home, whether that’s complete renovations and using an architect to do it, to simply painting a wall in your living room. These projects can be big and small in size, and that way, you’ve got something you can set yourself up to do every so often. Whenever you have time, it’s good to see this list is checked off!

Decorate It To Your Style Not Someone Else’s

When it comes to decorating your home, the worst thing to do is to go off other people’s homes. It’s ok to use inspiration from friends and family or from online resources but don’t copy it like for like. It’s not going to be your personality then, and you’re going to end up falling out of love with it very quickly. Decorate the house to your style and what you like, seeing as you’re the one who’s going to be living in it.

Add A Signature Scent Or Two

Appeal to the senses when it comes to your home and adds a signature scent or two to your home. This could be wax melts and using certain fragrances within each room or buying the same scent for your entire home. Adding a signature scent can certainly help to make your house feel more like a home.

Using these tips, you’ll soon find a love for your home again!

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