When you’re hunting down that awesome gift idea for a friend, finding your credit card is maxed out can be a nightmare! Fortunately, there are tons of great gift ideas for those of us who fall a little shy of the price tag in the stores. We give you the top 5 ways to give a gift no matter how little money you’ve got to spend:

  1. Cook dinner – Cooking dinner or hosting a small dinner party for a friend or partner is a great way to say happy birthday. Most people bring a bottle with them to a dinner party, so you won’t need to buy too much wine to host the perfect evening. Pick simple recipes with basic ingredients you already have in the house. It may save a small fortune at a fancy restaurant, but the extra effort shows how much you care.
  2. Photograph – If you’ve been invited to a wedding, finding the money for a gift can be hard. Why not take your camera along and take a perfect picture for a frame? Perhaps your friend has just had a baby and would love a beautiful portrait of the new family all together. If you are quite handy with a camera, why not take a free course online to hone your skills? You can look up photographycourse.net for tips and technical assistance. If landscapes are more your thing, why not have one printed on a large canvas to give as an anniversary or Christmas present?


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  1. Bake a cake – Who can say no to a homemade cake? If you are pretty nifty in the kitchen, baking an elaborate cake for a friend’s big birthday is a great way to give a fabulous gift on a budget. Add some candles and decorations to make it really special. If you’re better at biscuits, why not wrap them in a ribbon-tied bag, and place them in a gift box? You can then finish it off with a home printed sticker with their name and a little message from you.
  2. Create a bouquet – If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful flower garden, why not make some fresh cuts for a beautiful bouquet? You can find tutorials online to help you get the right look and shape. You’ll need some ribbon and wire to hold the stems steady. You may also want some cellophane to keep the stems covered.
  3. Home pampering – Your friend may love a little pampering on her birthday. Why not treat her to a mini facial and a manicure at your place? Pull out your best moisturisers and nail polish and spoil her rotten. You can even prepare her a homemade cocktail to enjoy while you are applying her face mask.

If cash is not flowing in the right direction for you, don’t be embarrassed when it comes to your friends’ birthdays. Often, going the extra mile to spoil them is far more appreciated than something like a gift voucher in a card. Make the most of your skills, or acquire some new ones, so you can spoil your friends on their special day.

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