With Marley & Me out in cinemas, we decided that a feature on the top celebrity dogs would be a great way of marking the occasion! Keep reading after the jump…

Celebrity Dog: Norman
Owner: Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer has always been a lover of dogs and it’s not surprising she is set to star alongside Owen Wilson and a mischievous Labrador in this month’s blockbuster movie, Marley & Me (in cinemas March 11). However, Jen’s most favourite pooch is Norman, her corgi-terrier cross breed.  Jennifer adores Norman and treats him to regular massages, and acupuncture treatments. She claims there’s no dog like him, and even sees him as a person in a furry outfit!

Celebrity Dog: Garcia
Owner: Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson grew up with two chocolate labs named Blue and Teddy, so working with 22 of them on the set of Marley & Me was quite a natural experience for him. When he has a break from delivering laughs, Owen Wilson spends time with his current canine friend, a dark and light brown Australian Cattle Dog named Garcia.

Celebrity Dog: Honey
Owner: Lilly Allen
While not always sending the perfect examples with her wild antics, Lilly Allen surprised the world when she adopted a pet from a shelter. She opted out of the typical celebrity path of paying an extravagant amount from a breeder and adapted Honey from Battersea Dogs Home. She then urged the public to do the same. The brown medium sized dog is “quite fat, but very sweet”

Celebrity Dog: Blondie
Owner: Ashley Tisdale
It is not a surprise that the cute, tween queen, Ashley Tisdale, has a dog just as cute as she as. Blondie, which is a fluffy, white Yorkie, was named after Ashley’s nickname on the set of the Suite Life and Zach and Cody. The two make an adorable pair that love to shop, shop and shop!

Celebrity Dog: Arthur
Owner: Elton John
Is a dog a man’s best friend? To Elton John a dog is the best man. Elton John chose his beloved cocker spaniel, Arthur, to walk down the aisle as his best man during his marriage to David Furnish. Arthur has modelled along side his owner during a photo shoot for the annual Pet Pawtraits calendar published by vet charity PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals and is Elton John’s number one travelling buddy during his touring.

Celebrity Dog: Tinkerbell
Owner: Paris Hilton
No longer associated with the classic child’s film, PeterPan, the name Tinkerbell now goes hand in hand with Paris Hilton’s expensive and ultra chic Chihuahua. Carrying her everywhere she goes, Paris is obsessed with making sure Tinkerbell looks good and fashionable. The dog is frequently seen in very luxurious jewels and has never been seen without a trendy outfit on, usually something to match her owner. The duo is inseparable.

Celebrity Dog: Dusty
Owner: Joss Stone
Voted Best Celebrity Pet Owner by The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines in 2005, Joss Stone has the cutest little dog out there. Dusty is a small white poodle that you just want to snuggle with.  Although she had to be apart from the puppy for a few months because of legal laws about travelling with young puppies, Joss Stone is making up for the missed time, spending every minute with Dusty.

Marley & Me is released in cinemas March 11.

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