Top Christmas Presents to Look Out for This Year

It won’t be long before the festive season starts. I know a few people who are already doing their Christmas shopping! Are you wondering...

It won’t be long before the festive season starts. I know a few people who are already doing their Christmas shopping! Are you wondering what some of the top Christmas presents are going to be this year? Take a look at this list to get an idea:

Pebble Smartwatch

Smartwatches are everywhere. Not only is the Pebble smartwatch probably one of the most affordable, it’s also one of the best! You can personalise it however you like, and include only the functions that matter to you. They pride themselves on being great value for money, and they look great too!

Fitbit Fitness Tracker

This fitness tracker is the perfect Christmas gift for fitness enthusiasts. Ever wondered how many steps you do a day? What your sleeping pattern is like? How many calories you burn? This is the perfect gift! It can help to keep those new to fitness on track, and enhance advanced fitness enthusiasts workouts. It’s an all round great gift for people who want to get healthier.

Segway Boards

Seg boards are probably one of the coolest gadgets around this year. They look like something you’d see Marty Mcfly riding around on – yep, they do exist! It isn’t exactly a hoverboard, but it’s damn close. A segway without the handle, both adults and kids are lusting over this gadget this year.


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The Kindle

The Kindle isn’t exactly a new invention, but it’s still expected to be one of the top Christmas presents of this year. Perfect for book geeks, but some of them even have the ability to download games and apps. You can even browse the web and do a bit of shopping. So much more than an e-reader; it’s a tablet too! They even do waterproof versions for people who love to read on holiday. Read it on your lilo in the pool and don’t worry about getting it wet.

Xbox One

The Xbox One is set to be another huge Christmas gift this year. The Playstation 4 isn’t far off – but the Xbox just about pips it to the post. If you’re looking to get somebody close to you a games console, this is the one to go for.

iPad Mini

The iPad mini is a great way to replace a laptop, but it stands as a must have gadget in its own right too. You can read, browse, shop, and play with the mini. It’s small enough to take it wherever you go!


The most amazing stuffed animal gift for kids, you pair this with your iPhone or iPad and watch it work its magic! Not only is a lot of fun for your child, they’re bound to learn so much too. It can tell jokes, give them fun facts, and is completely interactive.

These Christmas presents are set to be really popular, so buy yours early before they sell out! Can you think of anymore presents that should be a huge hit this year? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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