Top Date Ideas this April!

Perfect Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but there are still another 364 other days in a year to impress those who you admire…Whether you’re planning a special day for someone who has been in your life for quite a while, or are plucking up the courage to invite out somebody you’ve only just met, picking the right activity and location is central to ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Here, we run through a few good ideas to impress a loved one:


Ice skating


At this time of year, it may seem like there aren’t a great deal of outdoor opportunities open to us, due to the cold weather. However, many of the UK’s cities still have ice rinks in operation. There are very few activities that are more romantic than ice skating. Not only will you have the chance to make contact with your loved one as you both learn to skate, but you’ll find yourself in the middle of a very romantic environment.


One worry we might have when we look forward to the possibility of a kiss on the ice is the chance of having the moment ruined by something small such as a cold sore. If you feel the tingle of a cold sore starting, use a cold sore cream, don’t worry and concentrate on enjoying your date.


Pottery class


If you’re keen to get to know somebody, there is no use in going to the cinema or to a concert. You need to provide an activity which allows the two of you to interact, such as a pottery class. The brilliance of a pottery class or a similar activity is that the two of you have something to focus on, removing the need for any awkward silences. This will allow you both to carry on getting to know one another at your own pace.


Go for a walk


Sometimes the simple date ideas are the best. Heading out for a walk is a flawless plan – fresh air, a beautiful environment and plenty of time to talk in peace. A lot of people worry that they ought to spend a large amount of money on a date in order to show their commitment but this simply is not true. Whether your date is male or female, all you need for a successful day is a space in which to talk and enjoy a simple activity with one another. A walk gives you both of these for no money at all.

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