Top 8 Male Gratuitous Topless Movie Scenes!

Ah, don’t we all have a favourite ‘off with the shirt’ moment in Twilight: New Moon! The fact that it comes out on March...

Ah, don’t we all have a favourite ‘off with the shirt’ moment in Twilight: New Moon! The fact that it comes out on March 22nd on DVD and Blu-ray makes this spring even more exciting: just imagine how many warm romantic nights you will spend replaying that special Taylor Lautner gaze? No doubt he gets the best torso of 2009 nod, but was he the only one to make us blush and fantasise for hours (days?) after leaving the cinema? Let’s take a look at the blockbusters that feature gorgeous men stripping for our pleasure! Straight at number one we have…

Twilight: New Moon
The world may be going mad over Edward’s charms, but with the second Twilight film Taylor Lautner’s Jacob has become a very strong rival in the battle for our sighs of adoration. Edward’s chest may be covered in glitter, but Jacob definitely has the posture and moves of a protector we are all looking for.

OMG. Can we find any more suitable letters/words to describe, ahem, BRAD PITT’S body? Like, all of it? Because that’s what we get to see in Troy where he portrays the legendary, almost absolutely invincible Achilles (watch the heel).  Tanned and sweaty Brad in all his gorgeous glory, now that’s something that can keep us awake for a while…

Casino Royale
Did you know, that if you google ‘best torso in film’ – all you get is Daniel Craig? We, of course, know better than anyone that image is highly outdated, but still – quite memorable indeed. The new James Bond may seem slightly old for some, but we can agree that doing a male ‘Venus emerging from the sea’, with THAT chest and THOSE abs made the world stop for a second. Or seven.

Matthew McConaughey is not just a sweetheart, he is a serious actor. That is exactly why he takes his clothes off not only for the Armani ads. Who wouldn’t mind being stranded in a desert with this Apollo from… er… Uvalde, Texas? Even his character’s name in this movie is a massive hint – Dirk Pitt! This nasty cheat, however, didn’t help Matthew beat the original and lands him only in 4th place on our list.

Any Hollywood producer knows that a hot lead character will be even more adored by audience if he’s a ‘noble single family man’. Meaning: his wife and kid are killed, he’s single, but devoted and his goal is – revenge for his family. Do not, however, let this cynical rewording of the original synopsis distract you: Russell Crowe made this film and this film made Russell Crowe. We love Maximus, we are afraid of him, we are drawn to him – all are the consequences not only of a brilliant cinematic masterpiece, but also of those months and months of heavy duty gym work out Russell went through before filming it.

The Proposal
Even if you are a stuck up old… lady, it won’t take you too long to totally fall for Ryan Reynolds after you – accidently – bump into his totally naked and absolutely stunning… personality. The best scene in the film is when Sandra Bullock’s Margaret steps out of the shower and gets a very ‘close look’ at Ryan’s Andrew Paxton, who, by mere coincidence, was in fact going to take one. Shower that is. Pure bliss. Ignore Sandra pulling a strange face in the gallery pic, it’s all about Ryan!

Hugh Jackman doesn’t just save the world from time to time as a sexy beast with lots of facial hair. He can also strut his human stuff and conquer Nicole Kidman’s heart in minutes. All it takes is the classical shirtless close up and all the stubborn and arrogant ladies on the other side of the screen will melt. Jackman’s Drover is the iconic ‘strong countryman’ type, who can easily build a house and kill a lunch.

Sex & The City
Ok, you can guess who we mean here. The one and only, chocolate melting Jason Lewis’s Smith Jerrod, the  devoted boyfriend of the goddess Samantha Jones and the thief of millions and millions of ordinary, mortal female hearts. Of course, his blinding smile also has to do with our dilated pupils (sign of you know what), but mainly it’s the obvious and no clothes can hide that from our eyes.

Thoughts, girls? Which have been your fave male movie scenes?

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  • You forgot about Jason Statham, I don’t think I’ve seen one of his films where he hasn’t got topless at some point and that is just about the best reason to watch his films 😉

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