Top Paris Themed Fashion Accessories Inspired by Sex and the City and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Eiffel Tower Bag

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Paris is most definitely the city of love, and lately we notice it’s been very popular in the fashion scene. Paris themed accessories are becoming increasingly desirable and look set to be the new ‘Must Have’ craze. With this in mind Girlie Gossip have scoured the internet searching high and low for some of the best Paris themed and inspired fashion accessories out there. If you’ve found or designed something that we’ve missed that has a certain je nais se quoi feel free to leave a comment or contact us and we’ll see about getting it added to this very article!

block_bg.gifThe most recent Paris related item to gain some huge media attention was THAT Eiffel Tower bag (above) that Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) was seen carrying for the upcoming sex and the city movie. In keeping with that bold and daring fashion sense that SJP’s character has become so well known for the Eiffel Tower bag is both quirky and desirable. Designed by the fabulous Timmy Woods it is available to buy for $2500 with Approx 6,300 Swarovski Crystals or without the crystals for $375 USD. directly from:

Chouchou Cosmetic Pouch

block_bg.gif A Colourful Multicoloured cosmetic pouch with Paris print. The pouch is embroidered with beads and sequins and fastens with a zip, with a sequinned pendant. You can read our full review of this item by clicking HERE

BB Repetto Brigitte Bardot by Paris Based Colette

block_bg.gif Brigitte Bardot, a major protagonist in Repetto’s history, has been willing to work on a new and very personal version of the original flat. The shoe, originaly designed for Brigitte Bardot, that she now remodelled is presented in a “vichy” version with BB’s lucky charms: heart & daisy flowers. 60 pieces limited edition as a symbol of 60 years of Repetto’s existence.

We absolutely adore these limited edition shoes, check out the site HERE for full details!

Eiffel Tower Cameo Pin

block_bg.gif We found this lovely vintage looking pin over at KristenGrace.Com It’s a pin that would have made the Victorians proud. The sepia tinted image of the Eiffel Tower is set in burnished brass and accented by a tiny jet Austrian crystal bobble. The Eiffel
Tower Cameo Pin measures 1 and 3/4 inches in width and 2 inches in length. Although we’re not too sure how many people actually wear ‘Pins’ nowadays it is definitely a cute and striking accessory.

Jessica Cushman Bracelet

block_bg.gif This fabulous bracelet is a Resin Reproduction of the original Scrimshaw Bracelets by Jessica Cushman. They are priced at $130 which does seem a little on the expensive side but worth it if you want to treat yourself! The text reads: Que serait le monde sans les filles? Which translates to “What would the world be without girls?” very cute, and a great accessory to glam up any simple outfit! Available HERE

Everything Eiffel – This is a fabulous store where you can buy a wide variety of Paris themed items. Here are a few of our personal favourites from the site:

Moulin Rouge – Bal masque tote bag

block_bg.gif Very nice reproduction of the Moulin Rouge and Bal masque advertising :
Size : 14 x 11 inches
100 % Cotton.
Pocket inside . 100 % cotton, poche interieure.

Pink “I’d Rather be Shopping In Paris” T-shirt

block_bg.gif Wouldn’t we all rather be shopping in Paris? I know I would right now! Cute Pink T-shirt. 100% Cotton comes in one size.

We would love to see your own personal favourite Paris Themed Fashion Accessories and keep this list updated so why not drop us an email via the contact page or leave a comment here with your own personal recommendations and if we like them we’ll add them to this article! Keep checking back to see what else has made the list.

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