Your dream bathroom! 

On average people spend 2 years and 40 days of their life in the bathroom. Wow! That is a lot of time. With that in mind, it makes sense to make your bathroom a nice place to be.

So, whether it’s that much-needed soak in the tub, a quick shower before a night out with the girls, or simply, your daily night time routine. If you enjoy your surroundings, they will be more enjoyable.

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Top Tips

。。 Colour schemes 。。

The colour scheme is one of the first things you notice on entering a bathroom. It can reflect your personality without words. When choosing a colour scheme, you should consider colours that will compliment your bathroom, accessories and mood.

Soft neutral colours can be used as a blank canvas to highlight accessories or bursts of colour throughout. If you want to make more of a statement you could opt for a focus point by detailing one wall and decorating the rest to accompany the focus. Either way, take the opportunity to express your individuality and personality.


。。 Lighting 。。

Choices for lighting in your bathroom are endless. There are so many to choose from, you are literally spoilt for choice. You need to decide what lighting you would like. Is it a crisp, white, and fresh look you love or do you prefer softer more romantic shades? Whatever you decide the choices are endless.

Also, consider what style you would like. Are you interested in one feature ceiling light, or several lights mounted to the wall? Or if you are fortunate enough to have a large bathroom floor lamps may be your cup of tea. Natural light should also be considered. Try and work it so you have as much natural light as possible filling the space. You will not be sorry.


。。 Accessories 。。

 Accessories can help make your bathroom! If you have gone for muted and more natural tones, this is how you are going to make a statement. Could it be a traditional classic feel you are going for? Crisp white towels and white wooden shutters could transform your space. Or is it boho chic? quirky patterns, coloured tiles and potted plants could create your own nirvana.

 Thinking about this will come naturally to your taste and desires, and by adding personal touches to your bathroom you can bring it to life. Adding a fluffy matt can bring an element of comfort and texture, further extending that feeling of relaxation.


。。 Materials 。。

Materials affect everything to do with creating your dream bathroom. Falling into all of the categories mentioned and possibly affecting how you approach them. Getting your dream bathroom can be an expense, however, there are ways of getting you desired result at an affordable price.


。。 Ambience 。。

The ambience of the room can be effected by the décor, however, there are ways of altering the ambience to suit your mood. Candles are a great way of dimming the room down to create a warm relaxing feeling. For those romantic occasions, a fragrance can really set the mood.  You can also use flowers or fragrance burners to stimulate your senses and create a dream atmosphere for that dream bathroom.


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