Top Tips To Help You Choose Your Wedding Bookings

If your wedding is fast approaching and you still haven’t booked everything, you may be running out of time to get what you want. Many brides struggle to find the time to make commitments to things like the wedding venue, flowers and hairdresser. Other decisions seem to be a little easier. We may find it easier to book the photographer and buy the wedding ring than picking what dress we want. If you are still scratching your head, or just worrying about making the wrong choices, don’t panic. We give you the ultimate guide to making your wedding decisions right on time:

Venue – When you have looked through other people’s wedding photos, what did you notice? Ask your friends what they most remember about their wedding venues. There are some incredibly beautiful places to get married but what is most important is the price. Know your budget and stick to it. Then you can narrow down your choices. Have a look at wedding venues in Denver, or wherever you are, to see what is on offer. Next think about catering. If the food is right, that is often enough to commit to a booking. Capacity is important too. If the room is quite small, you may have to narrow down your guest list a little. Finally, speak to the people there. If they are making you feel like the most special person in the room, then they will do a good job of looking after you and your guests for the whole day.

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Dress – If you have photos of dresses you like the look of, narrow them down by making sure they are the right style and cut for your figure. This may leave three or four. Now identify what it is about each design you just got to have. It could be the panelling or the corset detailing. Pick which of these details is the most important for your wedding dress. Now discard the others. This should leave you with just one or two dresses to go shopping for. Of course, once you enter the boutique, you may find half a dozen you just love! Stick to your plan of finding one like the picture if you want to get out of there quickly. Alternatively, spoil yourself rotten for the morning, and enjoy being dressed up in beautiful gowns!

Hair – Lots of hairdressers will only make up the styles in their portfolio. This is a nuisance if you have a clear idea of what you would like done with your hair. Go for at least one practice run, so you can see how you look. Take a full day to really think about it after they have done it too. If you love it, then that is great, but often we can be indecisive about this. One of the best tests is the head shake. If it stays in place after some vigorous neck workouts, then it should survive a blustery day and lots of hugs and kisses of the guests. Most importantly, if you are happy your hair is immaculate, you can relax and enjoy your beautiful wedding day.

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