Twin Mania! Jedward Survive X Factor Exit.


The world has gone crazy after Simon Cowell went against every insult he has thrown at Britain’s most talked about twins, John and Edward (who together are “John and Edward”) by choosing to send the X Factor result to deadlock rather than picking Lucie Jones to stay in the competition causing Welsh Lucie to be sent home!..

I’ve got to admit, this year X factor has been pretty dull – we’ve seen it all before! Lloyd is Euogan Quigg’s double, Lucie Jones was a pretty face and an ok voice just like Diane Vickers (notice how she didn’t wear shoes last week?!)… the only excitement this year is John and Edward! It’s certainly the only reason X Factor has made the headlines and therefore I am definitely backing Simon! He knew that X Factor would go down the pan without the entertaining and crazy kids interrupting the ballads and bad dancing.

All over my facebook and twitter people are screaming that X Factor is a fix, but I think that is utter rubbish; of course Simon is going to do what’s best for the shows ratings and next week we are going to be on the edge of our seats waiting to see how John and Edward fight back! We’re halfway through the competition now, so they do actually have a chance of winning and I truly think they are getting better! Their version of Rock DJ was much better than the performance given a couple of weeks back, when they sung it!

Also left in the competition is all three of Simon’s acts; Rocker Jamie Afro, Sexy Danyl and Olly with his amazing dance moves.

Danni only has one act remaining, the annoying Stacey Solomon who can’t speak properly – let alone sing.

Cheryl is left with Lloyd who doesn’t sing too great but is too cute for words and Joe, the dark horse whose voice is fantastic but is so stiff on stage it’s almost painful to watch.

Jedward are Louis Walsh’s only act left.

What we need to remember is X Factor is not just a singing competition but an entertainment show shown on a Saturday night on ITV, I would much rather have a giggle at John and Edward than scratch my head wondering if Jamie Afro’s song choice was wise, seeing as I don’t recognise it in the slightest. But I’ll leave you with Simon’s wise words: “I don’t know why everyone is attacking me for Lucie leaving, if they liked her so much they should have voted for her!”

As always, thanks for reading!

Anna-Louise x

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