The Ultimate Easter Hunt with Hotel Chocolat!

。。。 Easter hunt with Hotel Chocolat 。。。

Eggs symbolise renewal and rebirth. In modern western culture, we use Easter-time to celebrate the coming of spring, fertility and new life. Flowers are starting to grow again, the leaves on the trees are turning green, and fields are full of new life.

The most popular and relevant Easter tradition is the giving of Easter eggs. The old tradition of gifting painted eggs has been replaced, (for the most part,) with Chocolate.

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If we are being honest, however, celebrations are usually the last thing on everyone’s mind. For many people, Easter merely symbolises the two-week half term that accompanies it. We are sure a relaxed, fun-filled Easter Sunday is right at the top of your wish list, and fear not! Hotel Chocolat has you covered.

。。 Hotel Chocolat  。。

Hotel Chocolat, are one of the world’s few chocolate makes to actually grow cocoa. Connecting cocoa-growing and luxury chocolate make them unique in the UK.


☆ Originality ☆

They are constantly striving to be fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead.

☆ Authenticity ☆

Chocolate starts at the root of the cacao tree. So they got stuck in on their beautiful Rabot Estate Plantation in Saint Lucia.

☆ Ethics ☆

Hotel Chocolat believes that you work too hard for bad chocolate and that they work too hard for cheap cocoa. They have been raising the bar for cocoa-growing since 2002.

。。 Hide & Cheep 。。

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The ‘Hide & Cheep’ Easter Hunt box is all you need to pull off the Ultimate Easter hunt.

The 80 solid, and individually wrapped chocolates are shaped like bunnies and chicks, the perfect spring theme. There are even little caramel eggs to boot. Involve the whole family! All you need to do is figure out where you are going to hide them.

These choccies are suitable for vegetarians and are free from artificial flavours and colours.

。。 Woolliam 。。

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Woollium” is the most adorable “wee” lamb! He could actually be too adorable to eat. He is accompanied by a pot of caramel drops.

According to Hotel Chocolat, Woollium appreciates the small things in life. A fine trait to have! He likes to have a tummy full of fresh grass and a snooze in the sun.

We think Woollium would make the perfect prize for the winner of your Easter hunt!

Woollium is suitable for vegetarians and is free from artificial flavours and colours.

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