Here at Girlie Gossip, we love a good subscription box with the huge array of choice on the market, it’s hard to subscribe to only one! So what makes a good subscription box and keeps us coming back? There are plenty of contributing factors for sure, so we’ve decided to create a post sharing what we think makes the ultimate subscription box.

ultimate subscription box

The price

Price always plays a huge factor when it comes to picking a subscription box, with so many to choose from you want to get the most for your money. If you’re looking to get a subscription box from a well-known brand it’s worth totting up the goodies within before actually purchasing them as some hike up the price for using the brand name.

If it’s a box from a small business, it’s often more expensive but you know it’s because they’re making the products themselves, therefore mostly weighs out the cost factor.

The presentation

When a box arrives through your letterbox (or via the postman handing it to you), you can’t wait to rip it open and see what’s inside. However, if the packaging arrives dented, dropped, and the contents on the inside are all over the place or worse, broken. It can be a bit of a put-off and a bad first impression.

By getting the perfect sized cardboard box, it definitely allows for a more secure delivery as there is less room for movement. Whether the brand adds tissue paper or wraps up the item you want to know that some care has gone into the making of the box. The brands who do this are likely to go much further.

The quality of the products

Nobody wants to pay over the odds for something they can buy in their local shop for less, so it’s important to make sure the quality and cost of the products add up to the amount which you’re charging for the box. Usually, the perks with subscription boxes are that you get a higher value of products than your money, this is a great way to build custom and help people to get to know what you’re about.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about making the ultimate subscription box and do let us know what you think makes a good subscription box.

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