Unique Xmas Gifts For The Women In Your Life

Buying Christmas gifts can be difficult at the best of times. The long queues at the checkout, the planning and the wrapping are all part of the process. But it can be made even harder if you just don’t know what to buy. Don’t opt for the easy option and buy a bath set for your Mum again. There are some fabulous gifts out there for women of all ages; you just need some inspiration. Here are four unique gift ideas that will get your imagination flowing and also give you a head start on your Christmas shopping.


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Comic books

Comic books are notoriously associated with boys and men. However, their popularity amongst women has risen. The success of the Marvel films and introduction of more female superheroes means more women are reading them than ever. If the women you’re buying for loves to read comic books, find out which one is her favourite. That way you can buy her some more to add to her collection or introduce her to a similar one that she might enjoy just as much. Ask for help at your local comic book store and also enquire about new comic book releases. For an additional personal touch why not find a comic book that was released on her birthday or another special occasion.  Comics look wonderful in frames and will make an unusual art piece for her home. She will treasure it forever too.


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Subscription box

These are a relatively new trend right now but they make fabulous gifts. It doesn’t matter what hobbies or interests your recipient has, there will be a subscription box for them. A quick google search will show you the vast variety of boxes available. Subscription boxes feature an array of products that you can buy as a one off or as a monthly subscription. The products inside the box are usually based around a theme such as beauty, baking, stationery and tech to name a few. Some of the suppliers will show you exactly what is inside whereas others won’t. This will add to the excitement when they open their box on Christmas day. Check that the box you are buying gives you the most value for your money. Also, make sure you choose a suitable theme that they would appreciate.

Help them learn a new skill

Instead of a physical gift, why not give the gift of a new skill this year? Be perceptive and find out if there’s anything your recipient might like to try out. Maybe it’s rally car driving or flower arranging? It could be a baking class or trying out creative writing. There is a huge array of sites that offer different experiences no matter what their tastes are. To add some more personality to the gift, why not make them an accompanying gift set too. This could include all the things they will need for their experience. For instance, you could build a baking gift set with an apron, oven gloves and ingredients inside. This will make a thoughtful present that they will adore.

These gift ideas should have given you some much-needed inspiration and you should now be itching to get started. Making a gift thoughtful and personal will guarantee you gift buying success this Christmas. Good Luck!

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