UNWIND WITH ENTWINE – the lighter way to enjoy alcohol

Now you can watch your waist as well as your alcohol intake with the new range of pre-mixed, low calorie wine spritzers from Entwine drinks available in Asda.

Set to lead the way in the era of lighter drinks, Entwine Spritzers are the perfect guilt free treat with their refreshingly light, delicate flavours and less than half the calories and alcohol of traditional wine.

Its delicious, fresh taste makes Entwine perfect for serving with food, as a light lunchtime drink, a mid-week indulgence or any special celebration.

The range includes a Shiraz Rosé Spritzer – an attractive blend of fruity Shiraz Rosé and pure sparkling water and a Sauvignon Blanc Spritzer – fresh Sauvignon Blanc spritzed with pure sparkling water.

Available in Asda RRP £3.49 in stylish, contemporary packaging, Entwine is sure to become the drink on everyone’s lips (not hips!) this season.

For more information about Entwine Drinks and leading a lighter life, visit www.entwinedrinks.com

What Girlie Gossip Thought…

It seems that Spritzer’s are all the rage this winter, and rightly so, given the fact that they are perfect for the party season! The new Entwine range are available from Asda and are deliciously fruity, light and won’t leave you feeling dehydrated and groggy the morning after! Perfect for people who enjoy lighter drinking, these are beautifully packaged wonderfully tasty and great for when you are watching your figure. What more could we ask for?

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