6 top tips for making a statement with your curtains!


Up to 40% of the adult population have moved home at least once during their adult life. Itchy feet and restlessness are reportedly one of the most common reasons why. People want a change of scenery and moving house is a means of achieving this.

However, with the average cost of moving house in the UK hitting £8.5K we believe staying put is the way forward. By making some small, simple changes you can give your home a fresh new look and save yourself £8.5K to boot.

We thought we would focus on one key component… curtains! Almost every room has them, yet their importance is almost always overlooked. So we compiled a list of all of the ways you can transform your room by making some sensible curtain choices.

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Blinds are the perfect option for rooms that require a little more privacy: bathrooms, bedrooms or rooms at the front of the house for example. However, gone are the days of plastic blinds running straight up and straight down. Now there is more choice than ever before and incorporating window blinds into your home design can add a stylish twist to any space.

Shutter blinds can create a timeless, classy look, whilst wooden blinds can create a warm and cosy space. Roller blinds offer a cheap and contemporary option, and because they come in so many patterns they are perfect for the kids.

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Patterned curtains are a fantastic way to dress up a room, add a statement feature and give it a fresh and vibrant new look. You do need to think it through thoroughly, however. Firstly, consider the scale of the pattern. This needs to be in proportion to the size of the room. A large scale pattern will overbear a small room for example.

Secondly, you need to consider the space in which the pattern will be used. If the room is full, consider a simple geometric design to create the feeling of space and simplicity. Don’t be afraid to be a little daring, enjoy the process. Remember, nothing is permanent.

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Choosing the colour scheme of any room is always a fun but difficult task. Hours of pouring over colour charts and trying to pick your favs. You have to be absolutely certain the colour is right because, after all, you have to look at it every day. Adding an accent colour or pop of colour to your room is a fun and practical way to freshen things up.

Neutral colours on your walls jazzed up with fun, bright, curtains, is a great way to add colour to your room without the huge commitment. Take a look at a colour chart and decide which colours you like the most. Colour is a personal choice, and it is a great way to add your own personality, so go crazy!

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The light in any room is heavily determined by curtains. The colour, style and materials used can impact on the amount of light that gets into the room, and the colour and feel of the light once it does. You need to consider this prior to making your choice. A bedroom, for example, may be better suited to curtains with darker, heavier materials rather than a living space, like a kitchen.

This is where layering your curtains can be particularly important…

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Adding layers to your curtains can not only change the entire look and feel of a room, but it also impacts greatly on the lighting. If you have found a lovely pair of heavy set curtains which match perfectly with your living room decor, but they are too heavy to close during the day. Fear not! Add a Voile, or net curtain. This allows you to maintain privacy and let light in through the day whilst your heavier curtains are open.

Layering also allows you to combine different colours, textures, patterns and materials. It gives you full creative control over how your window is dressed and you can let your imagination run free.

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If you are feeling a little more creative, however, there are so many alternative options out there for you to play around with. Macrame, crochet, knit, beads, bamboo etc. There is an abundance of options to suit every need and style.

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