Vilf’s Take Over The Capitol

Smash hit TV series True Blood’s vampires have proven ‘too rude for the tube’ and been driven from the comforting darkness of London’s underground to take refuge in phone boxes across the capital. 

HBO’s controversial new ‘VILF’ poster campaign to launch the third season DVD and Blu-ray release on 23 May has been banned by the tube for its sexual connotations. However, the vampires are not without a haven as the campaign has made it onto phone boxes across London from today.

Inspiration for the posters has been drawn from the sexiest and most addictive series’ cast of characters who fans have dubbed VILF’s (Vampire I’d Like to…), proving MILF’s and DILF’s are so 2010.

The reception of the posters follows the launch of a website where Fangbangers across the UK can now vote for their favourite blood-suckers, whether it’s the smouldering stare and whispy voice of Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), piercing blue eyes/blonde hair and sexy muscles of Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård), the fiery, unrestrained redhead Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) or the alluring yet ruthless Pam De Beaufort (Kristin Bauer). In addition to the poll, fans will be able to ‘VILF themselves’ with a ‘Get Vamped’ photo editing app and purchase exclusive sexy VILF clothing that will be available to buy on the online shop.

HBO Home Entertainment marketing director, Ian Fullerton, says: ‘Those that already love True Blood will immediately interpret the meaning straight away and if not, you’re going to want to know. It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s intriguing and like the show itself the VILF idea pushes boundaries in the best way HBO knows how.’

True Blood: The Complete Third Season and True Blood Complete Seasons 1-3 box set is available on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday 23 May 2011, from HBO Home Entertainment.

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