VITAMIN Defend yourself this winter

New Vicks Vitality Booster helps you stay summer strong all year long.

New Vicks Vitality Booster, a unique powder multi-vitamin supplement has been developed specifically to support the immune system so it can fight off common winter ailments.   Even when the days get shorter, darker and colder this exceptional blend of vitamins and antioxidants – containing high levels of the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D – can help keep the body feeling summer strong all year long.

Why is sunlight and  vitamin D important?

Studies show that vitamin D is an essential vitamin believed to play a vital role in maintaining good health.  Found in only a small number of foods such as oily fish and eggs, levels aren’t always high enough to maintain optimum amounts.  Typically we source 90% of our vitamin D from exposure to sunlight, specifically UVB rays.   However, the season, cloud cover, latitude and even wearing SPFs can impact the levels of vitamin D the body is able to produce.   Due to latitude, the UK doesn’t experience the levels of sunlight necessary for the population to maintain healthy year round vitamin D sufficiency.

Therefore, vitamin D becomes even more essential throughout winter.  For many people winter is already associated with compromised health due to the onslaught of the cough and cold season but an increase in  ‘winter blues’ can results in symptoms such as feeling run down, lacklustre and lethargic.  This can be directly linked to a lack of vitamin D.

It is estimated that up to 15% of people in the UK have low levels of vitamin D, while 80% have levels which are below those considered optimal to keep feeling at our best[1].  A bad summer can reduce the body’s stores even further.   With Met Office experts declaring that August 2008 may be the wettest on record[2] it is important to keep vitamin D levels topped up to help regulate and support the immune system and improve mood through the winter months.

Experts advise supplementation

Due to the UK climate and combined with the difficulty in absorbing vitamin D from food, experts recommend supplementation:

‘It has become clear that vitamin D is as important for immune health as it is for bone health. Research groups in laboratories and clinics all over the world have shown that vitamin D is essential for the workings of both the innate and the acquired immune systems; and that vitamin D depletion, which is very common in Europe and North America, contributes to our risk of infection and auto-immune disease. Vitamin D supplementation, therefore, is a logical and essential element to help improve immunity.’  Dr. Paul Clayton Visiting Fellow, Oxford Brookes University School of Life Science.

New Vicks Vitality Booster

At the heart of Vicks Vitality Booster is vitamin D and it is the inclusion of the sunshine vitamin that differentiates Vicks Vitality Booster from other immune boosting multi-vitamin supplements. This is supported by a unique blend of vitamins B, C and anti-oxidants developed to help replenish your energy, support your immune system and keep up your good spirits.

To absorb the optimum amount of vitamin D naturally from sunlight alone, experts recommend spending 10-15mins in direct sunlight without sunscreen 2-3 times a week.  In addition to vitamin D, Vicks Vitality Booster also contains:

–       A high dose of vitamin C to help top up your natural defences

–       Vitamin B which helps increase your energy when you feel run down

–       Green tea which has antioxidant properties and can help boost energy and support immunity

–       Citrus Bioflavonoids which are one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. They also help your body better absorb vitamin C and enhance its effect.

Vicks Vitality Booster is a powder multi-vitamin food supplement and should be taken without water. Just open a stick pack and pour the powder directly into your mouth. It has a great citrus flavour and contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

RRP: £7.49 for 20 stick packs

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