What I Used To Love About World Wide Travel

There was a time, long ago, that I was travelling around the globe almost non-stop. It was hard work and physically exhausting. The hours...

There was a time, long ago, that I was travelling around the globe almost non-stop. It was hard work and physically exhausting. The hours were awful, and I felt like I couldn’t ever shift that plane smell from my clothing. Times change and my lifestyle is a little tamer right now. I’ve had time to miss the excitement and the glamour of luxury travel. Yes, some of it really was rather good.

I’ve traveled for business and for pleasure during my lifetime. I have to admit I do enjoy visiting some of the more exotic destinations on our little planet. Places like the Caribbean have always been a pleasure to visit for any reason. The climate can be so good, and the accommodation you can find can be among the best in the world.


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What I didn’t do, that I wish I had, was to invest in some property. With all the traveling, hotels seemed to be the logical answer. You have a full service at your disposal, and access to some excellent restaurants. But I really missed the convenience of my creature comforts at home. And I missed my own cooking when I was away for a while!

There are some gorgeous places on this Earth that I have had the privilege to visit. When you look at luxury accommodation for sale or Nevis real estate, your eyes open to the possibility of better options than just hotels. It’s not every day that you choose to invest in property, but sometimes location can make the property. The added luxury is pretty appealing too.

For those who regularly travel and work out of their international offices, it’s hard. Having a home to call your own at the end of a busy day can make the world of difference. You’re not staring at the art in a hotel room, but instead gazing at the view from your own terrace. You can cook a delicious meal the way you like it, instead of being stuck with a menu you don’t enjoy. Best of all, you don’t have to travel with any luggage!

I think if you are going to buy a second home or vacation home, it needs to be worthwhile. Why settle for something you aren’t going to love staying in? Besides, if it’s for work, you want to be pampered and relaxed after a long day. You might even want to bring a traveling companion back to your place too. Company hotel rooms are just too restrictive sometimes.


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I didn’t always love traveling, but I think my lifestyle back then has given me the travel bug. You kind of get good at packing up and jetting off to places. Your digestive system doesn’t always get used to plane food and hotel room service, though! I was mostly a corporate flyer. This meant I had certain luxuries and advantages during my journey. But I don’t think I ever really got to enjoy the stay. If I’m going to travel now, I want to make the end destination worthwhile. Luxury all the way!

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