Getting married was the most important and memorable day of your life. So, it makes sense that you will want to mark it every year in the most suitable manner. Whether you stick to tradition or not, there is no getting away from the fact that certain items are associated with different lengths of time. That means you could be faced with a less than happy husband if you get him the wrong gift.

Just as you would purchase gifts for your boyfriend, you must do the same for your husband. To point you in the right direction, we’ve listed all the top years below, and the materials associated with them. Alongside that, we’ve made a few present suggestions you might like to consider. Of course, you should use this post as nothing more than a guide. It’s much better to get your loved one something that is special to you as a couple.

  1. PAPER. Maybe you should get them a new book, or a classic they have mislaid?
  2. COTTON. Perhaps it would make sense to get him some new clothing?
  3. LEATHER. A nice new jacket will suffice although some of you will probably consider something with more of an adult theme.
  4. FRUIT AND FLOWERS. Thankfully, that one is pretty self-explanatory. You can relax during your fourth year.
  5. WOOD. Custom or personalised wooden gifts make for the ideal 5th wedding anniversary gift.
  6. SUGAR. Sweets, chocolate, and other items are always popular for your 6th anniversary.
  7. WOOL. There are lots of different items you can find that are made from wool. You could either get a jumper or something cooler like a new teddy bear.
  8. BRONZE. Getting a new outdoor statue in bronze for your garden could help to mark your 8th year.
  9. POTTERY. Your 9th year is the best time to enroll on a pottery course with your loved one.
  10. TIN. Many people find it difficult to locate a romantic gift made of tin. However, you could simply go back to the chocolates.


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Once you get past the ten-year mark, most people would stop giving gifts annually. Instead, they switch to giving presents every five years. The next milestone is the fifteen-year mark, and that is associated with crystal. So, perhaps you should invest in some new champagne glasses?

After the fifteen year mark, things continue like this…

  1. CHINA. Some new expensive plates to add to your display.
  1. SILVER. Some high-end cutlery for those special occasions.
  1. PEARL. Time to invest in some jewellery.

If you make it past the thirty-year mark, present-giving should shift to every decade. That happens because the gifts you have to give become more and more expensive.

  1. RUBY. More jewellery.
  1. GOLD. Even more jewellery.
  1. DIAMOND. You guessed it. Even more jewellery. With so many different flashy items to buy, we suggest getting bracelets and changing them every time you reach the next milestone. Most men don’t like to wear too much jewellery.

The bulk of couples do not make it past their 60th wedding anniversary, and so we’re going to stop there. With the information and advice we’ve just relayed; you have no excuse for getting things wrong. Your wedding anniversary should remind you of the most amazing day of your life. It is vital that you mark the occasion accordingly.

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