The days are getting longer, the nights shorter. You can smell BBQ’s on every street and hear the sound of children’s laughter fill the air. It’s that time of the year again; summer. Yes, summer is upon us, bathing us in hot sunshine. It’s the kids favourite time of the year too, they get time off school and can play for hours. Also, it’s holiday season, which means sometime soon you’ll start packing their suitcases. Here are some of the things you need to include in your child’s suitcase:


You need to pack your child a hat. Hat’s are crucial during the summer holidays as they protect your kid from the sun. Chances are they’re going to spend a lot of time out in direct sunlight. You can’t leave them out there without protection for their head. There are tonnes of cute summer hats out there, so you can protect them in style.


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Going away in the summer means that you’ll end up at either a beach or a water park. Every kid loves playing in the water, so they’ll need swimwear. For some reason, you can never find the swimwear from last year, so you always have to buy new ones! There’s great designer swimwear for children so they can play in the sea, and look cute too.


The summer season means a change in footwear. Be gone with the shoes and trainers of winter/spring! You need sandals for the beach and summer shoes too. You can get great bisgaard sandals for boys and girls. You can wear them on the beach, but also in the evening for a nice family meal.


The temperature rises, which means bye bye long trousers. You need to pack shorts for your children so they can feel comfortable in the summer weather. If they’re running around in long trousers all day, they’ll get all hot and bothered. Shorts are great for girls and boys. Alternatively you can get lovely summer dresses for your little girl.


It’s all about short sleeves during the summer. For the same reason you don’t wear long trousers, you shouldn’t have them in long tops. Keep the tops short sleeved, so they don’t feel uncomfortable and get sweaty.


They don’t just make your child a style icon; sunglasses serve a real purpose too. They protect your children’s eyes from the sunlight. Like hats, it’s important you pack these to keep your child safe in the sun.


You should already have some suncream packed in your luggage but put some in your child’s too. They sometimes have different sun creams for kids, that are extra strength to protect their skin. The hot sun rays can cause sunburn and even skin cancer. So you desperately need to pack suncream to lather all over your kids. Remember to keep applying it throughout the day, it could wash/dry off at some point.


Going on a summer holiday is fun, but you have to make sure your kids are prepared as well as you. Get them kitted out in summer clothing, and keep them safe from the sun!

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