WIN! A Samsung Diva handset and Exclusive Tickets Giveaway!

Calling all Divas… we are giving you the chance to win yourself a pair of tickets for the Samsung Diva Elite Model Look Finale in central London on the 29thJuly. Packed to the rafters with celebs, fashion and glamour this is the perfect night out for any sassy lady. The lucky winner will get to watch the catwalk show live and then head off to the exclusive after party afterwards to complete the evening in style. What’s more we will also throw in a brand new Samsung Diva handset in purple! Designed for anyone that loves fashion, fun and socialising, the Samsung Diva features a purple embossed quilted back cover with a diamond-shaped crystal button on the front. Social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter are fully integrated and can be accessed from one place, whilst instant notifications are sent when friends update their profiles, as no self respecting Diva wants to be the last to know.

For more information on Samsung Diva visit or the Elite Model Look 2010 competition got to


To be in with a chance of winning this fab prize, simply leave us a comment below telling us what’s the most Diva thing you’ve ever done? Or if you’d prefer, tell us a Diva moment you’ve always wanted to experience! We’ll pick one lucky winner at random and email you using the address you registered with so keep your eyes peeled!

Good Luck!

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  • Best Diva moment which I would love to do is Mariah Carey when appearing on the Top of the Pops. Her dressing room had to be on the same level as where she was to appear as she “doesn’t do stairs”! How diva is that!

  • I made the person who was kindly giving me a lift into town drive an extra 4 miles around the one-way system so that I didn’t have to walk twenty yards in “light drizzle”.

  • I have always wanted to walk the red carpet at somewhere like the Oscars with everyone calling my name to take a photo… size 10 ( not zero) would do nicely and a dashing young man on my arm. Dream over sigh!!!

  • I’d say the most diva’ish thing I’ve ever done was buy a £200 prom outfit just because it looked sexy and during prom, I made everyone line up on either side of me, whilst I was walking done like a catwalk flaunting my stuff. It was for the giggles but still fun nevertheless. People say I’ve got a right attitude and I’d like to keep it that way!

  • I had found the perfect dress to wear to friends of my partners engagement party, due to my OH forgetting to put my case in the car it was left at home ….. so I refused to go unless he drove a 300 mile round trip to get it!

  • I’ve always wanted to throw a drink in someone’s face – not very nice, I know, but they always make it look good in the films!

  • I went on a night out in london to a VIP party and I said something I have always wanted to say! I asked the consierge … Do you know who I am? lol …. he looked quite worried that he may have upset a very important person!!

  • Hmm Diva-ish

    Well the most diva-ish thing I’d like to do is wander into a restaurant and demand my favourite table, bottles of champagne and WHATEVER food I desire. Oh and then some more wine and champagne of course 😉

  • I would love to be able to demand the most lush Hotel suite, and have hunky men bring me whatever I want on gold trays.

  • A friend and I went into a boutique, and implied that we had a wedding to go to, and that we needed to dress to impress. They brought all manor of dresses and styles for us to try, along with a coffee. It got harder and harder to get out of our situation though as they seemed so eager to please. In the end, I rang my mates mobile, and she (should have been an actress) made out that our car had been clamped – so we flew out of the shop.

  • I would love to spend the day as a powerful greek goddess! Dressed up in beautiful grecian clothes being served grapes by gorgeous men in togas! Anyone who chooses to disobey my orders will be turned to stone! 🙂 x

  • I would like to get the Eiffel tower closed to everyone else so I could spend the evening up there with the other half, food and plenty of French wine!

  • i pulled a strop when i went to the MTV The Hills screening and my goodybag didnt have the same as my friends so i demanded 2 bags and got them.

  • The most Diva experience I have ever had was driving around in a chaffeur driven Mecedes while sipping champagne & waving at everyone I passed 🙂

  • The most diva thing I have ever done is whilst on a beautiful tropical paradise island during my honeymoon, scream to my husband that he take me home at once as I had just seen an insect in the bathroom. I then cried for hours later about how traumatic the experience it had been. I feel very embarrassed about it now.

  • hmm oh dear i wish you hadn’t asked…. last night?! I’ll let you all judge
    Had no sleep ALL night because hubby had a cold, camped out to the lounge at 2pm, blew up air bed 3am, 4am threw cats out 6am gave up and got up to go to work (I’m a teacher) after school i had craft club. When I finally made it home I wandered into the study where my hubby who had been home all day had been playing computer games and asked if he wouldn’t mind cleaning the kitchen so i could make the dinner. He started to protest so i told him “You know what? Cook yr own dinner” walked out the door got in the car and had thai in the thai restaurant in town. When I came back the kitchen was immaculate and my phone (which I had left at home) had been located and placed on my bedside table.

  • I would love to walk down the red carpet at a film premiere after spending hours being pampered and have everyone want to know who i am.

    That would be my best diva moment ever!!!!

  • The most diva’rish thing I can remember takes me back to my teens. I used to arrange nights out for my friends and we had planned to go to a restaurant and onto a club after. I had finished work and dropped everyone at my friends house to get ready. Eventually after much sifting through my wardrobe, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear and I simply refused to go out! Not very DIva by anyones standards I’m sure, perhaps more stroppy teenager.

  • I’d like a West End cinema to open just for me and a few friends and show Sex and The City 2. Also, we’d expect cocktails, different flavoured popcorn, upmarket canapes and nibbles, followed by cappuchinos and different ice creams, and a fab goody bag each at the end. Then a limo would take us all home!!!

  • It grates on me when you have a miserable, snotty cow serving you in a shop, you would have thought that they would want your custom and would be polite. I would love to be a diva enough to say ” You can keeps yours products I shall purchase them somewhere where they have smiling faces instead of lemon ones”.

  • i would love to be diva enough to have a driver who i could tell to take me to everywhere i needed to go.

  • I think an ultimate diva moment for me would be having my local Primark store open an hour earlier than usual, just for me, so I could browse at my leisure, without the crowds! I would also expect a lovely cup of tea between floors!

  • I have a few male friends who are in excess of six foot and very muscular. I’ve always wanted to dress up a bit, put on some huuuge sunnies and hire a limo, then dress my friends in “men in black” style outfits. I’d love to see the reaction of people as I stepped out of the limo flanked by what would appear to be security guards. Could I get away with being famous? The possibilities are endless….free meals, complimentary items, samples…. It’s so tempting!!!

  • I’m having a lil diva moment @starbucks ….my DivaDrink: A grande, triple, skinny, cinnamon dole latte with soy milk – and the barista added a free fourth shot of espresso!

  • I would like to have a jar of just the orange smarties and just the toffee revels (preferably in my own dressing room!)

  • My diva moment had to be in a hotel whilst away on work, I ordered bellini’s and then threw a major tantrum as they served them in champagne glasses when i had asked for a “cocktail glass..SPECIFICALLY!” I did get them in the cocktail glasses and a free round of drinks for the ‘mishap’..

  • I used to know the door men at the best nightclub in town, so I guess the biggest diva thing I ever did was every weekend walking to the front of the queue and being let in before all those poor people who had queued for ages! I used to think I was the bees knees back then!

  • I would like to be taken by limo to London and get VIP access to everywhere and be given as much chocolate and alcohol as I wanted.

  • Staying at the Wolde Suite at Ragdale hall for 4 days and being pampered right down to my hair folicles.. they have a staff of 500 to take car of your every need. The food is divine and you can wera your dressing gown ALL day!

  • Having VIP service at the world cup match in Cape Town lifting glasses of champagne off the waiter’s trays that floated by….free of course!! 🙂

  • My ” Oh but I’m slimming” friends refused any of the trifle I had proudly presented. In sheer frustration and to their immense surprise I stuck my fist in it!

  • On a night out i went up to the VIP area and demanded to get in “do you know who I am” was my line… arghh cringe however i got let in and got 4 bottles of champagne on the house, i still to this day wonder who they thought I actually was

  • I can remember being about 10 and throwing a right temper tantrum in the middle of a shop because my mum wouldn’t buy me the “in” dress that I so wanted! My mum just turned round and walked out and I was left to go running after her.

  • I’ve always wanted to have a personal shopper – someone to pick out my clothes for me (and pay for them!). Not sure if that’s considered Diva enough today!

  • my most Diva time would be to wake up in a very VIP hotel Room in Hong Kong with strawberries and champagne for breakfast.

  • I m not a Diva really, but one incident does spring to mind….
    I was the lead roll in the Am Dram society, playing Snow White in the Xmas panto… On our first night, I made the my understudy (who was actually better than me) , write all my christmas cards, and wrap my Xmas presents, whilst i performed on stage…. She got the last laugh tho, cos i was demoted after that year, and she is still their leading lady… I retired shamefacedly 😀

  • i’ve never really thought of been a diva or dun anything diva’rish but my daughter is she only 11 but she’s allways putting her hand up at someones face and tell’s them to talk to the hand cos the face aint listening and she moves her head alot aswell she started to do this when she was seven and i think it’s just a habbit now, she’s allways doing something diva’rish with bling and makeup.

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