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Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway), best friends since childhood, are always there for each other, through good times and bad. Even their respective bridal engagements happen within hours. Together they plan their weddings, each to take place at New York’s ultimate bridal destination, the Plaza Hotel. But a clerical error and subsequent clash in wedding dates pits the two brides against each other in a competition that quickly escalates into all-out war.

Director: Gary Winick
Cast: Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Candice Bergen
Release Date: 9th January 2009
Cert: TBC
Running Time: TBC

Official Website –

To celebrate the release of this fantastic new movie, we’ve got our hands on some exclusive prize packs for the film! All you have to do, to be in with a chance of winning one is leave us a comment below and tell us your best or worst wedding related experience.

Good luck, winners will be chosen at random from all comments left below, competition closes Jan 14th 2009!

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  • I should have learnt from the first time – My brother was best man at first wedding and when doing the speech made a toast to me and then said his ex-girlfriend’s name…… unfortunately this marriage didn’t last!
    Second wedding and I made the mistake of thinking he couldn’t possibly make the same mistake again……..well not quite – this time he made a toast to me and then said my ex-wifes name!!!!! needless to say my new wife was not particularly impressed by this…!!!!!! But we are still together and have a lovely little boy πŸ™‚

  • At my fiance’s cousin’s wedding I was wearing a lovely pink dress but some people didn’t get so dressed up and asked me if I was a bridesmaid! I wasn’t sure whether to take it as a compliment that I looked good or not!

  • Worst wedding experience: I was a Bridesmaid for my uncle and I had to wear the most hideous lilac puffball dress! I looked so awful *blushes* thank goodness I was only 8 at the time!

    P.s. This film looks brilliant from the previews, very funny!

  • My best wedding was my own, I got married in Thailand with a full Buddhist ceremony in a temple and then had atraditional Thai wedding meal after the wedding.

  • At my cousin’s wedding, another cousin got drunk and spent the night crying then when we went to get in the cab we’d booked, one of his drunken friends decided he wanted to get in it then started ranting and threatening the driver when he said no, Then he kicked his car – what a prat!!

  • Well, it was mortifying at the time but now I can look back and laugh. When trying to give my vows I got the giggles, and I mean really really badly, I was practically doubled over and couldn’t get anything out. Everyone at the back thought I was sobbing. Oh dear… lol. I did eventually just about manage them.

  • My wedding day was perfect. All the way till the wedding night… My husband had drank too much (yet once again) and just fell asleep with his clothes on.

  • I had a really quiet wedding which we’d done on the cheap, preferring to buy our first house with the money instead, but I insisted that I had the meringue dress if nothing else and bought a beautiful one in the sales at Laura Ashley. Doing it on the cheap however, meant that we used my friends car rather than bridal cars to get me to the registry office. When we went out to get into the car it had a flat tyre and Rob is useless so I ended up in my bra, knickers, stockings and blue garter at the side of the road changing the tyre as I refused to risk getting the dress dirty. Certainly an experience I will never forget as the road was relatively busy! Surprisingly I got lots of offers to help!!!!

  • The best wedding i’ve been to was my neighbour’s wedding. It was really lovely and the atmosphere seems surreal. She is deaf and mute, and she sung a song in sign language for her husband to be. It was just really touching and the guests were moved to tears. definitely one that I will remember forever.

  • At my brothers wedding my eldest daughter got a huge splinter in her foot (from the dance floor) we spent forever at the hospital trying to get the huge splinter out for her, she was only 6 at the time and it must have hurt so much.

  • Not been married but me and my friends took it in turns to be “brides” so we could try on wedding dresses – great fun! x

  • Couldn’t believe it when I saw it the Royal Family but honest to god I went to my Auntie’s wedding and she had an iron mark on the back of her dress!!!
    Looks like a brilliant film

  • The worst/but the best wedding I ever went to was my bestfriends she was in turmoil a few months before when she found out her fiance had cheated,She made everyone think that all was forgiven and they had sorted everything out.
    She then decided to download the wedding plans.
    She cancelled flowers,cars,wedding cake,guest’s etc etc,She also told her parents that they could not attend but promised them they wouldn’t miss out as the next wedding vowels she will be taking they would be right beside her.,This one was for her eyes only!!!
    People thought she had lost the plot,She even added many friends names to go on their honeymoon with them,curtesy of the money she had saved with cancelling all the gimmicks from the wedding she had told me.
    The big day arrived,She pulled up in her battered mini she was dressed in jeans & T-shirt everyones mouths dropped,She walked into the church stood beside her fiance who’s face was a picture of embarresment then said grab your suitcases girl ‘s were of to Benidorm courtesy of Steve,Then she said ” I deserve more than a cheat to give my heart & life to” then we followed her out of the church & set of Benidorm……….Steve sorry but what goes around comes around!

  • At my wedding my step daughter was bridesmaid. She was only 3 at the time and was wearing a lovely white dress. The highlight of her day was skidding on the grass while we had photos taken. Lets just say by the end of the day the dress was more an off green colour !!! but she enjoyed herself.

  • The worst wedding experience I had was when I was a silver service waitress and I had to serve the top table with the bridal party. I was so nervous and I managed to spill gravy from the platter down the bridesmaid’s dress – she didn’t notice so I didn’t say anything! I felt so bad but I was just so scared of losing my job – I was very young at the time!

  • My worst ever wedding experience (and there have been a few!!) was when I was chief bridesmaid (12 of us altogether) for a friend – she told me over and over I wouldn’t have to say anything or make a speech, then after the Best Man finished his speech and did the toast, he stood up and introduced me. I ummed and stuttered and stammered – made a real fool of myself & never forgave the friend!

  • I was 14 and maid of honour for my big sis. The best wedding ive ever been to, got bought loads of drinks and snogged the fittest lad there.

  • What can I say? My best and worst wedding experience was my own wedding. Fabulous day but fraught with disasters. I spent the evening before at the dentists having emergency wisdom tooth treatment and the entire day (and most of my honeymoon) on painkillers. It was a beautiful sunny morning but about 10 minutes before the wedding the skies darkened and we then had the worst thunder and lightning of the year for the remainder of the day! My wedding dress was permanently stained by the wet confetti… By the middle of my wedding night the combination of stress, excitement, pain, painkillers and champagne made me violently sick and we had to get an emergency doctor to visit! It was a wonderful day because I was marrying my husband of nearly 20 years now, but it was also hell on earth!

  • my worst wedding experience was my own! Just me and him in fancy dress, two witnesses and a dire looking register office. I cried all afternoon as I knew I had made a huge mistake

  • I was Best maid at my friends wedding. Everything went great, no problems whatsoever unitl after the ceremony.
    After the wedding the bridesmaids all piled into the car to go the reception, but we were the last car to leave the church and unfortunately the car broke down on a main road. With a skate park and superstore nearby it was very embarassing standing there in the freezing February winds, hanging onto our dressess.And it took the replacment car about 30 minutes to turn up.
    Still a talking point at all our parties, a long 10 years later.

  • i went to the tackiest wedding ever, everything about it was awful from people talking and walking around during the ceremony to the groom’s red shiny suit. eugh.

  • The best moment was watching my daughter sing ‘Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’ at my sisters recent wedding. A natural star indeed!

  • whilst stood waiting for my wife to walk down the isle, when she arrive the first thing she whispered to me was “youve been smoking” we are still married 18 years later

  • OMG! If I found myself in that situation I’d bin off the Plaza and take all my guests to Disneyland instead!!

  • Kate Hudson is a great actress and the gloves you are giving away are fab, If I win them I could use them on my sons punchbag.

  • My daughter at 18mths was flower girl at my sister’s wedding, she was perfectly well-behaved until she followed her aunt down the aisle, she then shouted “rachel, rachel, rachel” until they reached the pulpit at the top of her voice, the congregation were in stitches and even the vicar managed a smile!

  • when my cousin got married just before she was due to go down the aisle she needed the toilet, she she quickly ran into the toilet and when she came out and stood next to her father ready to go down the aisle one of the page boys realised she had some of her dress stuck in her knickers and had to grab her and tell her, all the bridesmaids and pageboys giggled all the way down the aisle.

  • My worst wedding experience was my cousin’s when her groom proceeded to make a really over the top love-sick speech about how he wasn’t worthy etc etc, when he started to cry, my sister and I got a major fit of the giggles which was extremely embarrassing but I have never been able to take the groom seriously since.

  • My best, and worst, wedding experience was my own wedding – we upset lots of relatives by having a very small ceremony with only 4 guests – none of them family. It was the only way we would ever have got married though as my hubby has phobic of saying his vows in front of others. While I don’t regret getting married it would have been nice to have had a big celebration!

  • I spent two years, and a whole lot of money, making sure my wedding was the most perfect day ever . I then fell down some stairs to a night club on my stag do the weekend before my wedding and badly sprained my ankle! I had to walk down the aisle on crutches!

  • Every wedding I have ever been too. Drunken relatives, sleazy old uncle, they’re all the same and I would avoid going to them all if I could.

  • Weddings are brilliant! A lovely celebration for the happy couple to share with all their friends and family. Long live the wedding!

  • My wedding day was Saturday 15th April 1989 and it was the day of Hillsbrough football stadium disaster. It was such a happy day for us, but was tinged with sadness to think that so many people lost their lives on the day we were starting ours together.

  • My worst wedding experience is still not having one of my own but seeing all my friends around me getting married one by one…!

  • my worst wedding experience was my own, we both had terrible hangovers from people buying us drinks the night before and i almost threw up at the reception as the old dear who made the cake kept nagging at me to eat some

  • Our wedding was lovely right up to the moment when we went to cut the cake and found there was no knife. Apparently it had been taken as evidence by the police because the best man tried to stab another guest at the wedding the week before !! Dunno why the manager failed to inform us of this when we arrived but the best man was taskd with finding one for us and came back twenty minutes later with our manky bread knife – looked fabulous in the photod LOL

  • The day before my wedding day June 2008 I was in town having my nails done and came over all breathless with pains in my chest but put it down to anxiety/panick attack. The wedding went off without a hitch, was the most beautiful day of my life! The following morning I woke up still with these pains and not being able to breathe properly, I went to the docs and he sent me off to A&E….I’d got married with a collapsed lung!!!!!!! The nurses were most amused to see my and my new hubby in A&E for our honeymoon! I wasnt amused! xx

  • The best and worst – at the reception.. my mum and nan swiping a disposable camera from a table and taking loads of silly drunken snaps of themselves with it, before being asked by a waiter to return it to the table – it wasn’t meant for our party! Imagine the faces of those poor people who had those photos developed! XD

  • I spent a year making sure my wedding was the perfect day. I then fell down the stairs the day before the wedding and fractured my foot! I walked down the aisle on crutches!

  • My worst wedding experience was my own! It would have been fine had it not been for my drunken mother in law causing trouble, trying to cut the cake when I nipped out for a cigarette, ranting because she didn’t like the song we chose to dance to, whining that I wore purple, not white…..

  • At my friends wedding she had her 2 year old niece as a bridesmaid & she spent the whole service inside the skirt of her bridel gown,she would not move for anyone . So the bride had to walk outside with her husband with her niece attatched. I bet in the Video it will look like on of the sillest walks ever.

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