For most girls, nothing feels as good as bagging a great looking bargain, which is why Goody hair care has launched a new range of brushes, Touch of Style. Available from Boots stores nationwide, the collection combines great style with a great price.

Featuring a funky motif, which has instant โ€˜grab-abilityโ€™, the handle of each styling tool is easy to grip, making them ideal to use when heat styling, whilst the pink and black design will have all your friends green with envy.

To celebrate, weโ€™re offering TEN lucky readers the chance to win a set each.


To enter simply leave us a hair care, or hair style tip as a comment below. We’ll choose 10 lucky winners from all entries. Good luck! Winners will be contacted via the email they used to register on Girlie Gossip so please ensure your details are correct. Competition closes April 1st 2010.

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  • washing and styling your hair constantly will strip you hairs natural oil,the excessive product overload also!!! why not u use talcum powder on the roots of your hair instead.its much quicker and easier and less time consuming,

  • Tip- Brush your hair only to style it, because brushing pulls hairs out of their follicles and possibly weakens individual strands

  • Use dry hair shampoo to extend the time between washes. It’s also great for blondes as it lightens any dark roots you may have!

  • i always wash my hair first, whilst having a shower or bath, then you cant leave the conditioner to work its magic, whilst washing the rest of your bits, lol. Result lovely silky feeling hair !

  • If your hair goes greesy quickly, don’t apply conditioner to your routes of your hair only apply to the tips! also never brush wet or damp hair, this will make it knot easily and create split ends, and pretect your hair before you blow dry, straighten or curl, use a heat protective spray or syrum, and when blow drying, keep the hair dryer moving, never let the heat stay on one part of your hair for to long, as this will damage it!

  • I’m not a girl who spends loads on hair care, but really love spashing out a little of
    n ‘Aussie’ shampoo. Their spray in/leave in conditioner lasts for ages and really works.

  • Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar to help balance the PH of your hair and to remove build up.

    I also bend down to touch my toes every day – makes the blood rush to the scalp and keeps me flexible as well!

  • If you have curly hair like me, rather than brushing your dry hair the day after a wash, simply run your fingers through it and use a little spray in conditioner and additional mousse if needed. That way you can avoid the frizzy dragged through a hedge look that a brush creates!

  • Get the ends of your hair cut every three months to avoid split ends, and to keep your hair healthy. And always invest in an expensive conditioner for your hair. It will keep the moisture in, and keep your hair shiny.

  • My hair is dead straight and although I may be the envy of many females my straight hair has no body and height, therefore I would recommend drying hair such as mine bent over so the hair is hanging in the direction of the floor. This pulls the hair away from the head and gives it a lift.,

  • Mix 1-2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar with 3 cups distilled water.
    Pour over your hair as the final rinse. It will leave your hair feeling soft. Good for all hair types & removes residue from shampoo and other hair products.

  • No matter what the shampoo says, only wash your hair once before using conditioner. The more you wash it, the more oils you remove from your hair.

  • I use great shampoo and conditionner for my hair, then before blowdrying I spray a leave on conditionner on the ends. It makes my hair look healthier. I love soft hair!

  • I use great shampoo and conditionner for my hair, then before blowdrying I spray a live-in conditionner on the ends. It makes my hair look healthier. I love soft hair!

  • Always leave your hairbrush facedown so that dust can’t gather in it – too much buildup transfer to your head & causes dullness/greasiness.

  • Always do the last couple of rinses, after you’ve washed your hair, with cold water, the colder the better!! Keeps your hair silky, also finish blow drying your hair with a cold blow for 3-4 minutes, this will keep the static from your hair and also keep it in style for longer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • When you put conditioner on your hair comb through your hair before you rinse it off. Makes your hair feel great.

  • Try to rinse your hair for the final time with really cold water, this helps close the pores and will protect your hair

  • Never brush wet hair, it snaps it and damages it. Use a wide toothed comb to detangle wet hair if necessary and then wait until its dry before brushing out any tangles etc.

  • The best hair conditioner for dry curly hair is Cream E45!!! Rub into hair and leave for a few hours or overnight then wash out. Your hair will be silky soft to touch and shiny.

  • One time I was having a shower and the water went freezing cold mid conditioning! The conditioner ended up staying in my hair for 2 hours before the hot water came back on, and when my hair dried, it was softer than it had ever been!

    Now I regularly use conditioner and keep it in for a few hours for a cheap deep conditioning treatment!

  • If you are suffering from dandruff use a cheap shampoo on the roots as they contain less chemicals which aggravate dandruff. Then use a more expensive conditioner on the ends of your hair.

  • I recently suffered from serious greasy hair, I washed my hair and dryed it and it was still greasy, it looked disgusting….. I started to panic about it but then i found the best ever way to get rid of it after trying everything. I wet my hair then put Listerine (mouth wash) on my hair rubbed it into the roots and then washed my hair with head and shoulders (citric) and it disappeared. This tip is a life saver!!!!!!

  • Clean your hair brushes and combs on a regular basis: immerse in shampoo and hot warter for 5 minutes, brush them with a thick flat application brush or stroke with a comb repeatedly, immerse them back in shampoo and hot warter for about half an hour then rinse them and dry them.

  • When you wash your hair, use the hottest water you can stand. The hotter the water, the more the cuticle of you hair will open up, which allows the conditioner to sink right into the hair, giving you super moisturised locks. Make sure you finish with a blast of icy cold water to close the cuticle, making it extra shiny.

  • If your hair is dry or needs a lift get some almond oil. Heat in a saucer over cup of hot water and then gently rub through hair from root to tip. Leave in overnight and wash out in the morning! Really re-moistens your scalp and hair!

  • Try just straigtening the very top layer of your hair to get rid of any weird kinks and then leave the rest. Its very quick and means you hair still retains its volume and movement, but without frizz or stray ends sticking up.

  • I towel dry my hair as much as possible, put on my mousse and leave for a short while. My hair is nearly dry when I use my hairdryer to style my hair. This means I have the minimum amount of heat on my hair.

  • Try to look after your hair as much as possible in the sun , you know what it does to your skin but imagine how drying it is to your hair too . Especially on holliday where it’s exposed to lots of sand and chlorine too . Invest in a good sun sea and swim shampoo and conditioner and don’t forget sunscreen for your scalp too , it’s very sensitive to the sun. Scalp skin cance can be very nasty ๐Ÿ™ and so easily prevented .

  • A tiny dab of Vaseline rubbed into your hands and then smoothed over your hair helps to take the frizz out of very curly hair.

  • Once a month apply raw beaten egg to your hair and allow to sink in for 15 mnutes. Rinse, wash and dry for a beautiful shine.

  • Before straightening, or an other heat styling, use a heat protection product. It’ll make all the difference.

  • If you have fine hair that tends to get greasy when you use products, use a tiny amount of shampoo to remove any excess conditioner after you have conditioned your hair to stop any excess making your hair greasy or weighed down.

  • To build volume in thinner hair โ€“ while itโ€™s still damp, lean over and let your hair hang forward. Finish drying starting at the nape of your neck and working towards your forehead. When you flip it back, youโ€™ll likely see that your โ€œmopโ€ has turned into a magnificent mane!

  • Save time styling long hair in the morning by washing the night before and putting into two plaits before bed. Then in morning simply undo, ruffle (maybe a little backcombing) and pun up the side sections. You have a fab hair do for minimum effort!

  • One good tip I use, is to rub a tumble dryer sheet over your hair, that will get rid of the frizz and static and keep your locks looking shiny and sleek!

  • Use a good quality Hair Mask one a week, wrap your head in cling film or a disposable show cap and relax in the bath and let the steam do the work. Be sure to rinse well.

  • Always use a good quality hairbrush. Poor quality brushes and combs will scratch the scalp and damage the hair shaft. Donโ€™t over brush your hair since this will stimulate sebum production, encouraging oily hair, breakages and spilt ends.

  • Guinness!!!!! No, not to drink it but pour it all over your hair. Don’t forget to rinse it thoroughly though or goodness knows what your boss’ll say lol. It’ll give your hair a good shine. No kidding. LOL.

  • If your a swimmer always wear a swimming cap – but before you put it on cover your hair with conditioner. After your swim, hit the shower and wash it out as usual. Your hair will have benefited from an intensive treatment – helped by the heat you have generated from your exercise.

  • I try to deep moisturise and let my hair dry naturally at least once a week, i find that this gives it lots of shine. Apparently o help with shine, its good to do a final rinse in cold water aswell, i do try this but find it easier in a hot country!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • You should always treat long hair with great care to avoid breakage – never brush it when wet, towel dry very gently, do a deep conditioning treatment once a week (I like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle the best) and have regular trims to keep it in good condition.

  • Spray a light shot of fragrance into the bristles of your brush. Run it through strands from roots to ends and your hair will smell amazing throughout the day! My personal favourite is Ralph Lauren.

  • It’s an oldie, but it’s a good one. After washing rinse blonde hair with lemon juice – it gives it a lovely shine and the fragrance is great. It will also lighten hair in the sunlight.

  • After washing your hair, put on loads of conditioner (even a cheap one will do), wrap your hair in a warm towel (straight out of the tumble drier?) and leave for about 15 minutes before washing out.

  • DON’T be tempted use one of those homemade conditioner recipes containing egg, and then try and rinse it out with too hot water…it took me ages to get the scrambled egg out of my hair!

  • Instead of spraying hairspray directly onto your hair, spray onto your hairbrush and brush over gently – smooths and shapes without making your hair hard and “set”

  • If you have curly hair, which I do, avoid using narrow toothed combs and brushes, use wide-toothed combs instead which has less of a tendency to cause breakage and frizzing.

  • To minimise heat styling damage: if you have time let your hair dry 80% naturally before reaching for the hairdryer, and always use a heat protection spray before using hairdryer or tongs.

  • Crush eight strawberries add one tablespoon mayonnaise.
    Massage into newly washed, damp hair.
    Cover with a shower cap and a warm towel.
    Leave for 10/15 Minutes
    Wash out with a shampoo/conditioner combination.
    This luscious mix of rich acidic berries leaves your hair both conditioned and with rich gloss.

  • If you have fine hair try using beer as a rinse. It helps add a bit of body and gives your hair shine without weighing it down and making it greasy as I’ve found many shop bought products do. Make sure you rinse it out thoroughly and you shouldn’t have any problems with the smell, but if you’re worried shampoo again after.

  • Best tip for glossy hair is to finish your rinsing your hair after shampooing & conditioning with a cold rinse to close all the cuticles and smooth the hair shaft giving a SEXY SHINY look x

  • dont put off going to the hairdressers, i know it can be expensive, but regular maintainence is the only way to keep your hair in the best condition it can be.

  • Use conditioner at least every other wash, leaving it in for a while once a week to give really good condition. Never pick split ends, always cut them if you can, with any type of scissors! Its better than picking. Always end your shower / hair wash my rinsing through with ice cold water! Makes the hair shine. Avoid towel drying, blot your hair, because it does not cause split ends and avoid heat products on the hair (I know its virtually impossible … how did we live without straighteners?)

  • No two shampoos are the same! You may often find your hair getting lanky after several months usage of one particular brand however expensive and upmarket it may be. Switch occasionally so that your hair really benefits from different ingredients.

  • Make sure that you rinse off all traces of shampoo or conditioner from your hair, because any residue will leave hair looking very dull.

  • If you have thick hair mix your shampoo with a little water in an empty shampoo bottle and it will spread through your hair more easily and evenly. Saves money and ensures your hair is thoroughly clean.

  • Towel dry your hair after washing, and always use a heat protect spray before drying or straightening ๐Ÿ™‚

  • If you are like me and have wild hair – put a clip on the sides after blow drying while you put your make up on and get ready, to keep them tame and straight , just remeber to remove them before leaving the house!

  • use a colour crayon in between colouring to hide those roots. They do them in black, brown, red & blonde. It saves you a fortune

  • I have frizzy hair so I use a heat protecting spray and when styled, I put a tiny bit of anti-frizz cream onto my fingertips smooth flyaways around my face.

  • never tie your hair up (in a pony tail) wet as it splits your hair or if you really need to tie your hair up when its wet use a scruncie not a thin tight band.x

  • Oily hair needs to be washed more often but don’t scrub too hard while washing. It won’t get your hair any cleaner or less oilier. What it will do is further aggravate the already overactive sebaceous glands on your scalp, not to mention cause damage to the delicate follicles.

  • I always use a heat protecting spray before i straighten my hair to protect it from being damaged too much. couldnt live without my straightners now.

  • If you hair is very dry or you are battling with frizz, use Johnson’s Baby Oil on your hair. Leave it on for about half an hour and then wash as normal.

  • Don’t have time to wash your hair but want it to look clean and fresh…brush through Baby Powder…much better than any Dry Shampoo on the market.

  • I refil my heat protecting spray with water, which I then spray onto my little boys head then I comb it through which stops his hair sticking up.

  • Once a month I apply lots of moisturising conditioner to my hair (whilst it’s dry), wrap it in cling film and cover with a towel. I leave it for 2/3 hours then rinse and it leaves my hair super soft & conditioned ๐Ÿ˜€ xx

  • When you find your hair to be looking and feeling dry, even though you’ve been using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, switch off every other day and use a protein based shampoo and conditioner. This will balance out the moisture and give the hair more strength and health.

  • Wash you hair every other wash just with conditioner, it has cleaning agents in it and is much less harsh, make sure you rinse thoroughly, especially good for curly hair.

  • I wash my hair every other day now. i find it stays cleaner longer and is much healthier looking! it took a while to get used to this but it does work for me.

  • rosemary makes a great conditioner for dark hair, leaving it soft & shiny,
    just soak it in nearly boiling water for 5 mins, strain, leave to cool a bit then final rinse your hair.

  • Leave your hair to dry naturally for as long as possible before finishing off with the hair dryer. Less heat on the hair and it takes a lot less time to style

  • I desolve a dessert spoon of clear honey in approximately one pint of hot water and when it is luk warm I use this to give my hair a final rinse after washing. Brings out the colour and leaves my hair bright and shiny.

    Note: You must make sure the honey has desolved and the water is silky!

  • If you have very thick hair like me, be sparing with products as they are very difficult to wash out and often aren’t needed. Condition the middle and ends of hair only to prevent greasy roots!

  • Help your hair over the Winter Blues by ensuring you drink a lot of water to add moisture. Adding a teaspoon of cod liver oil to some fruit juice in the morning will help bring the glossy shine back to your hair in time for Spring.

  • When conditioning your hair, put a shower cap over the top, leave for 5 minutes and rinse well, your hair will be soft and silky

  • When using shampoo, don’t wash it out straight away, leave it in for 6-8 minutes, then wash it out and do the same for conditioner.

    I find doing this makes your hair softer and sleeker.

  • If you must insist on cutting your own fringe, to avoid disasters rather than cutting across simply take hold of all of your fringe and twist it from the roots to form a sort of twisted ponytail in the middle of your forehead, then take a pair of very sharp scissors and cut a small chunk off the ends and then let go. You should find that your fringe will be naturally layered and will frame your face rather than be cockeyed. This is because the twisted hair at the sides of your forehead will be longer than the hair in the middle.

  • Use a leave in conditioner once a month. You need to take the time to treat you and your hair occassionally and this will give it the nourishment it needs to be healthy and shiny,

  • Remember to give your hair a well earned day off every now and again!

    It works ever so hard for you on a daily basis dealing with being burnt with hot irons, dryers etc and then being drowned in products – and at the end of the day you hair comes away looking fabulous and leaves you brimming with confidence!

    So – come on girls be fair to your hair and give them a break every once and a while – after all they’re worth it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Use avocado oil on your hair, especially the ends and wrap your head in cling film and wait thirty mins and then wash out for super conditioned shiny hair! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Remember to look after your combs and brushes by keeping them clean too. Remove loose hair from them at least once a week. Clean them by taking them into the shower with you (or holding under a warm running water). Apply a small amount of shampoo to the brush bristles and rub gently. Rinse then dry on a towel. If you find you still have styling products on the brush, you can clean around the base of the bristles with a cotton bud.

    Keeping your brushes and combs clean will help keep your hair healthier and cleaner for longer, as well as extending the life of your styling tools :0)

  • I always use a heat protecting spray before i straighten my hair to protect it from being damaged too much. couldnt live without my straightners now.

  • Our poor brushes get used every day on our hair, sprayed with preparations, heated by blasts of hot air, stuffed into bags and drawers etc. Care for them by keeping them clear of dead hair and scrupulously clean by washing them every week.

  • It’s always better to let your hair dry naturally, as mother nature intended but if like me, you’re not blessed with super sleek hair and often resort to using a hairdryer, be careful not to let the dryer linger on one spot for too long at a time, as concentrated blasts of hot air can really damage it. The trick is to not hold the hairdryer too close and keep it moving regularly.

  • I always use a cheap shampoo on the first wash as that ones just to clean my hair, then I use my more expensive ones to treat it and I find that (as well as them lasting longer) I get a better finish to my hair!

  • Having some entries come in via the contact form, remember girls, you need to leave your tips as a comment here to enter! x

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