WIN Prison Break Season 4 DVD’s – Share Your Revenge Stories

In the final season of hit series Prison Break Season 4, leading characters Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) are...


In the final season of hit series Prison Break Season 4, leading characters Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) are seeking revenge on those that have tried to ruin their lives and for them revenge is a dish that’s best when served up sweet!

To celebrate the DVD release of Prison Break Season 4 we are running a fab competition with the chance to win the final gripping season of Prison Break on DVD released on 6 July, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is supply us with your greatest revenge stories, telling us when you went the extra mile to get your own back on someone that deserved it. How about when that low life boyfriend cheated on you and you started dating his even cuter best friend – let us know what else you sneaky ladies have been plotting and planning.

The top two stories will win a Prison Break Season 4 DVD!!

To enter simply reply to this post with your top revenge story and we’ll contact you via email if you are a winner!

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  • I was having some trouble at school with a girl spreading vicious rumours, so when we got off the school bus I ran up to her and gave her a black eye(most out of character I was the shy quiet type) which wouldn’t be very exciting apart from the tin of black treacle I had carefully carried in my school bag all day, that I poured over her first|!! She had to have her long perm cut into a short bob, made worse by the fact her dad called the police, the look on the policeman’s face when he came to my parents door to investigate the allegation of pouring black treacle was a sight I shall never forget!! I got let off with a few `stern’ words and it even made it into my dads father of the bride speech at my wedding

  • My housemates used to play pro evo on the playstation all day every day and never let me watch tv ever so one day when they were at the pub I took the game out and scratched it with a key… peace at last!

  • An ex boyfriend of mine was staying over at my house, over previous weeks I’d become very suspicious of him and his behaviour, especially with regards to his mobile phone.

    As he slept, I sneaked hold of his phone and locked myself in the bathroom with it, finding umptten texts from 2 other girls, and in his sent box one to Danielle saying something about meeting up with her over the next week.

    I changed all phone numbers on his phone, and deleted all sent and recieved messages. I changed one of the girls numbers to my mums, and the other to my sisters mobile.

    I went back to the bedroom, placed the phone back silently, and lay pretending to be asleep while planning my revenge.

    When we woke up next morning, it was a lovely sunny Sunday, and I suggested we went out for breakfast somewhere nice. He was quite up for the idea, and we got in my car. I suffer from kidney problems, and kept complaining of pains in my back on the drive up the lake district. i pulled over at a remote village (when i say remote, i mean 30 miles to the nearest town) and grimacing, asked him to get me my painkillers from my handbag in the boot. he got out…. i leant over, slammed his door shut and drove off at speed, looking back in my mirror laughing to myself.

    he was stranded in a village approximately 50 miles from where he lived, in the lake district, where phone signal is appalling, to find his own way home.

    i got home and had a good giggle with my sister over the whole ordeal.

    several hours later she recieved a text from my ex, thinking he was texting one of the girls he had been seeing behind my back. ‘Are we still on for Tuesday night? I miss you xxx’
    The cheek of him!! She replied, pretending to be her, and arranged to meet him.

    I text him later on that night, asking if he got home, and hope he has fun on Tuesday with Danielle. I neeer did get a reply!!

  • I was really upset when I found out my boyfriend of three years was cheating on me with a blonde bimbo with the IQ of a lemon. A friend of mine had seen them walking together one evening in a forest about 8 miles away. Its known as a Lover’s Lane type place. I really wanted to get my revenge, but not do anything illegal. I’d heard stories of people putting itching powder in their ex’s pants or putting fish behind the radiator, but I wanted to do something he’d remember. One night when he said he was going out with his mates I got suspicious and later I drove to the forest. Sure enough, there was his beloved motorbike by the edge of the forest. I’d bought a huge bicycle lock and chain for this very purpose and locked his bike up through the front wheel, so it couldn’t be moved. Then I quckly drove home. When he eventually got home in the early morning, he looked exhausted and in a foul mood. He never told me what happened. But whatever it was, he never suspected me :o)

  • When he moved down south with his bimbo, he asked me to sell some stuff of his he had in the garage and forward him the money.

    I sold his prized golf clubs for £0.99 (fixed auction price on ebay!)
    his mountain bike to a neighbour (getting a receipt of course) for 50p
    and a load of his gym equipment by an advert in the local supermarket for 75p.

    Total cheque…. £2.24. All perfectly legal as he didn’t state a price. Just wish I could have seen the look on his face as he opened the letter with the cheque inside. I’ve kept the cheque stub as a memento!

  • When planning your revenge, Girls, the important thing to remember is that timing is essential.

    After my longtime boyfriend, Marc admitted to me that he had cheated on me with my best friend, Debbie. He said it had only been three times, although I suspected it was probably more. He swore that he would have nothing more to do with her. I was devastated, but forgave him – for now.

    I promised myself that I would get even on Debbie, if it was the last thing I ever did. After all I was Maid of Honour at her wedding.

    I continued as if I knew nothing for the many months of planning her wedding. But inside I was seething. I ‘helped’ Debbie choose the most expensive and unflattering wedding dress we could find.

    The day before the wedding I helped Debbie search in vain for her passport, that she needed to go on her honeymoon, that had ‘mysteriously’ gone missing. She was crying hysterically with mascara pouring down her face. Blaming her (innocent) sister for being jealous. If only she had looked behind the wardrobe, she would have found it. But unfortunately nobody thought to look there!!!

    The final revenge came on the actual morning of her wedding, when instead of going round her house and help her get ready in my role as Maid of Honour I turned my mobile off and was stepping on a plane to go to Ibiza for a week in the sun. All thoughts of wedding and revenge out of my head!

  • When I started primary school I got bullied mercilessly by a girl in the year above me. Im very ashamed to say that after a few months I snapped – and cut off her ponytail with a pair of craft scissors!! No one has ever bullied me since…

  • I am not going to win as I do not believe in revenge. Horrid things have happened, just like to everyone else but I have always thought that the best revenge is a happy life. Until now that is, as my good karma attitde has cost me a competition prize. Might have to change my ways now and track down the winner, break into their house and sew fish into their curtain hems.

  • When my ex told me he was going away for the weekend to help an old friend demolish a barn I had my suspicions.

    Off he went in his working clothes carrying his weekend bag with him.

    I wish I could have seen his face when he realised that it had been ‘lovingly’ repacked with more work clothes instead of the trendy new ones he’d bought for the occasion!!

  • After finding text messages on my boyfriend’s phone that showed he had been cheating, I was furious and walked out on the cheating scumbag. But not before I left a few presents hidden all around his house, adding a little mystery to his life. The presents were a dozen gay magazines. He calls me and yells everytime he finds one. I deny it of course. He has currently found three and each time I tell him that’s the last one. Still another nine to go..

  • I didn’t need revenge, my revenge was him leaving me for her then deciding he wanted me back and me saying no and closing door. He had me he lost me he never gonna get me back

  • After being dumped by my boyfriend I arranged an excellent form of revenge. I sent him an official looking letter saying that he had won an evening out with Katie Price and he should meet her outside an expensive local restaurant. I didn’t think he would fall for it, but as I was enjoying my meal inside with a handsome male friend I could see him waiting outside with a boquet of flowers. It was hilarious to watch him walking backwards and forwards becoming more and more frustrated. As I was leaving I said to him “Has she let you down?” He replied “No, I’ve just arrived. I’m a bit early”. As I walked away laughing I shouted back “Well that’s Katie for you!” The look on his face was priceless as his mouth dropped open and I walked away on top of the world.

  • Myself and my now ex boyfriend were invited by my boss to her evening wedding reception. All my friends and colleagues said he was no good for me but I wanted to show them that he was. He went into town early in the morning to get an outfit and said he would be back by lunch time. When he finally arrived home at 6.30pm, totally legless and with no outfit I flipped. He crashed out on the sofa so I wrote a very rude word on his forehead in permanent marker pen and headed off to the reception on my own. I moved out the next day and he had to take a week off work til the writing came off. I’m guessing he had to book in for a chemical peel!!! lol

  • It may sound boring but I started a new relationship, got a promotion and had a baby while he’s still a womanising lonely loser lol

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  • A colleague complained to my boss about me instead of coming directly to me to sort the problem out. To cut a long story short we all held a meeting which included Human Resources, I pulled out all the ‘dirt’ I had on her and she got fired. But it doesn’t end there. My boss made me employer of the quarter and apparently when she heard about this her face was a picture!

  • My boyfriuend at the time stayed out all night without telling me. Just before I kicked him out I rubbed chillis inside all his boxers so that when it got warm down below he got rather hot and itchy.

  • When I was in my twenties, I was living with a guy who was cheating on me. I waited until he was out and bought some itching powder to put in his best thongs! He could not work out why he was itching and thought he had caught something from one of his conquests! A very embarrassing time for him as he went to THE clinic!!!

  • I caught an ex cheating on me so I poured a bag of prawns into his bed base then stapled the fabric back onto the frame. Can you imagine the smell when they went off?

    He never did find the location of the smell, so he moved house – taking his bed with him.

  • I found out my bf had been cheating on me through facebook. I locked him out of his account by changing the password and had lots of my friends write abuse on his wall. Revenge is sweet 🙂

  • When I found a note from my then boyfriend’s ex saying ‘I had a really good time this weekend x’ (he had told me his mother was with him that weekend so I couldn’t see him) I emptied a tube of superglue all over his boxer shorts! well seeing as he couldn’t keep them on – he had to replace the entire lot. I also emptied buckets of water onto his mattress which no doubt took days to dry out and I cleaned the toilet with his toothbrush and put it back into the toothbrush holder! You know what they say – ‘a woman scorned’

  • When my now ex husband left for some bimbo – my revenge was making sure that his son was a complete and utter football nut, just like his daddy – however, supporting a rival team instead of his dads favourite!!

  • hi – I don’t mean to appear thick but how do you ‘reply’ to the post to enter the competition? can i just put my entry in the comments box?

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