A study by has produced results which mean we all now have the perfect excuse to take a few days off work!

The study shows that 10% of people questioned admit to having put on over 1.5 stone in weight since starting work in a demanding office roleIt appears that hectic schedules, overtime and long hours are all contributing to the growing number of obese men and women in the UK. A growing trend, which appears to be getting slightly out of control.

Here at Girlie Gossip, we think survey result has to be the perfect excuse to take a few days off and chill out…. and maybe even do some exercise if we are feeling very excited about it! So hang up that brief case lady and throw your suit to one side….. real life is coming back to get you!

Although it is easy to twist this scenario into something fun and use it as a n excuse to kick back for a while, there is a more serious side to the whole thing. With so many of us ladies choosing the ambitious career girl attitude over family and home life nowadays, is the intense nature of our day to day life going to have an effect on our long term health. Ok, so we put on a few pounds now, but in 10 years time where will we be? Waddling around the supermarket in oversized tracksuit bottom and a gigantic woolly sweater? Well maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but who knows what this scary trend could lead to?

Maybe it’s time we banished the intensity of day to day work and balanced it out a little with some time at home enjoying the more important things in life?

We for one think enjoying time with your loved ones is far more rewarding than a promotion or career ladder jump, so maybe the balance we all need is easy to find…. it’s sitting at home with your partner, home life and family. We’ve just got to go home and find it again!

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