Xbox One Revealed

Xbox One

Earlier this year, Sony held a conference to demonstrate some of the hot new features coming from its next console the PS4, Today was Microsoft’s turn in revealing the new Xbox and if this is all it’s got, they have lost me to Sony already.

It’s all in a name – Whilst the Playstation four is hardly an innovation the next Xbox (bearing in mind we are on the 3rd iteration) is to be called the “Xbox One” as homage to it being the only box you will need beneath your TV, however with much better names coming from the community they really should have pulled a brainstorming session on this one, the Xbox infinity was one of my personal favourites.

Looks – whilst the original Xbox 360 was a little blocky, the slimline is a thing of beauty, but this new Xbox One – looks like an 80’s top loading VHS player – urgh.

Games – Now bearing in mind that the Xbox One is primarily a “games Console” you would assume (and quite wrongly) that Microsoft would show us some of the cool games they have up their sleeves, instead we were shown a new Forza game, (pre rendered) Quantum Break (pre rendered) the latest offering from Remedy the guys behind Alan Wake, some EA sports games (pre rendered) and Call Of Duty Ghosts (you guessed it – Pre Rendered). EA did mention some minor exclusivity with regard to Fifa 14 Ultimate team “FUT” but it will likely only be shirts etc.

Features – erm for European/UK users I’m not 100% sure there was any of mention, the team at Microsoft have gone crazy and become convinced that the future of gaming is to not game but control your TV with your Xbox one, but they did mention some awesome features for Americans with regard to the NFL etc. that we won’t get in this country – fantastic, that will make me buy one.

To sum up – unless Microsoft come out with some amazing and I mean AMAZING stuff at E3, they are dead in the water and I as a long time Xbox 360 user who has over 40 games and loads of peripherals will be going back, cap in hand to Sony.

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