YOGI Hair Wand – Hot Summer Hair Curlers!

It’s still the hottest selling styling wand around, but now the YOGI HAIR WAND has a few enlightened extra features, as well as a divine new style and two new colours of its own.The latest style is a trendy Snakeskin,while the newest colours are a deepand shiny Aubergine and Hot Pink -all perfect for winter 2010/2011.

As for extra features, these include anilluminated on/off light indicator (sono sudden hot surprises when you pickit up), and it also has an elongated cuff on the heat-resistant glove for maximum hand and wrist protection (ideal for when you’re in a hurry or simply not concentrating).

We like to think that it transcends all otherhair wands. Mastering the secret of soft, 50s-style bouncy curls** Have ready: your YOGI HAIR WAND and sectioning clips. Incense is optional!

You don’t have to sit in the lotus position, but it will certainly help your hair if you concentrate.  Put on your heat protective glove. (Please remember that it goes on the opposite hand to the one holding the wand. What can we say – it’s easy to beabsent-minded when your mind is on higher things.  Use the sectioning clips to keep unwanted strands of hair out of the way during styling. (It may be a wizard of a wand in some ways, but its powers aren’t quite inthe Hogwarts league.)

Start curling large sections of hair with the YOGI HAIR WAND, starting from underneath and working your way upwards towards the crown. Hold each curl for no more than 10 seconds. Keep using your sectioning clips to keep hair from above (and everywhere else) out of the way – it gives each curl perfect definition.* When all the hair is in curls, allow to cool and gently tease them into soft waves with your fingers or very gently brush with a soft bristled brush being careful not to over brush. Finish with a fine misting of hairspray.

What makes it different?  The high-tech tourmaline and ceramic barrel – a feature that is still unique to theYOGI HAIR WAND – means a more even heat, while its super-smooth surface alsoproduces smoother, extra-shiny curls, which also stay locked in place for longer.  It has a fashionable and funky finish on its handle, whether it’s just a chic newcolour (such as the new Aubergine or Hot Pink shade or a whole new design suchas the new trendy Snake print), which means its puts covetable fashion into yourstyler as well as into your hair. Combined with the pre-existing colours and designs,there is now a choice of eight styles of styler.

The convenient 360o swivel cord and extra long cable means you won’t be tyingthe power cord, or yourself, into accidental knots, nor pull out the plug (or yourhair), mid-style, so it’s ideal for reaching and rolling hard-to-reach areas.* Its new extended glove features an extra-long cuff, which means your hand and wrist gets maximum protection from the wand.

What Girlie Gossip Thought…

We thought that the YOGI hair wand was remarkable! It is SO easy to use compared to other hair curlers, no messing around! The curls stay in place and last well when a fine misting of hairspray is applied. Perfect for creating cute curls in your hair this summer.

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