Your Must-Have Accessories Shopping List For Autumn 2015

As the summer starts to fade away into Autumn, it’s a great time to draw up your shopping list for trendy accessories. The weather is promising to bring a mixed bag, and that’s definitely what we’re looking at when it comes to the latest fashions. We love Autumn, and we love what’s coming into stores for this season. Check out this list of accessories to keep your eye out for this autumn:

Purse – A new purse is a wonderful way to start a new term. Whether you are hoping to be more careful with your cash, or you’re ready for a big Christmas splurge, a new purse could help herald in this new era. The designer labels have all launched some beautiful new ranges for winter. Check out pastel colours for autumn.

Scarf – Every season has a scarf, but Autumn definitely needs one! All that wind blowing the leaves around calls for a warmer, woollen variety of scarf. Vibrant autumnal colours are trending in woollen fashions this season. Look for oranges, reds and purples.


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Mobile Accessories – For all those gadgets we can’t do without there are plenty of cases to choose from. Pick something to match your handbag, or go for something stylish and cute. We’re all being encouraged to read more, so show off your intellectual side with a Kindle Paperwhite case. Look gorgeous on the phone with a trendy smartphone flip case this autumn.

EarringsBeautiful golden drop earrings are back! We love them with gemstones dangling and catching the light. This season, check out rubies and emeralds. Those reds and greens look fabulous with trending fashions at the moment.

Handbag – Now the weather is getting even wetter, you might need a new bag to keep everything safe and dry. Choose a larger size to carry everything you need, including that umbrella! Square shapes are looking the part for this season. Check out pastel colours and tanned oranges.

Hats – We love hats, even when we’re clinging onto them in a storm! Berets are still really popular for autumn and winter. Did you know you can find tartan varieties if you know where to look? Awesome! For a woollen beret check out any of the high street retailers. They can usually be clipped in if you don’t want an elasticated rim.

Coats – If you’ve been watching a lot of ‘Castle’, then you too may be in awe at Beckett’s enormous supply of gorgeous full-length coats. The style is definitely now, and you can find them in trench-coat and overcoat shapes to suit. Look for something belted with a modicum of detail. Always keep the length just a smidgen above your knee.

Watches – Most of us use our phone or tab to keep track of the time. So more and more watches are being bought as statement jewellery pieces. Silver or platinum is the colour to sport around your wrist this season. Look for watches that appear delicate and extra feminine. They look particularly good with long-sleeve shirts.

I love the change of season because it’s a great excuse to go shopping. Add a beauty and style overhaul and I’m ready for another three months of fun! Happy Autumn.


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