This winter is set to be fabulous for fashion. There are a few surprise returns to the winter catwalks that are about to hit the stores too. We’ve scoured the best of what’s coming to give you the ultimate round-up of wardrobe must-haves for this season. Get your credit cards ready and see what you can find in stores now:


Yes, the humble jeans continue to dominate our cooler seasons. But this season is seeing more shapes, cuts and embellishments than ever before. For all you girls who have never donned the denim, check out some gorgeous plus size womens jeans to see just what you are missing. Skinny fits, boot cuts, and even the cute dungaree can look great, regardless of your size.


The trend for over-sized wooly pullies continues to dominate. But this season is seeing more embellishments around the collar and bottom hem line. Check out roll necks with buckle motifs and zig-zag cut finishes to the edges. Tans, browns, and grays are still the most popular wool colors to rock. Wear them over leggings, jeans, or even skirts with hose. They make a fantastic casual outfit this winter.


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No wardrobe is complete without footwear. And no winter is survivable without the high-fashion boot. Some pixie styles seem to be clinging on to trend this winter again. But the real winners are the long boots. Laces, buckles, and zips adorn these gorgeous leg huggers. Black is the color of the season. But don’t be afraid to check out ankle-lengths in burnt orange suede and olive greens for late fall.


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Scarves are the must-have accessory that can be worn all year round, whatever the weather. With dozens of different ways to tie them, you can match them to any outfit. Choose heavy-weight wools for a really cold day, or something light and sheer for the warmer office. Men’s scarves are looking rather tidy on the ladies this year too. They are often made of a polyester mix, meaning they won’t cause too many problems rubbing against your jewelry.


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We love Macs, trenches, and hoodies. Anything that goes over an outfit and keeps you warm and dry is ideal! But to be a shining beacon of fashion this season, wool is the way to go. Tartan designs on a duffle style overcoat are the ultimate in cute. Look for big buttons, sexy belt ties and collars that go on for miles. Long lengths are sitting mid-thigh this season, leaving room for a bit of leg to show.


Women’s shirts are back! But they are definitely better defined as blouses this season. Softer cuts and materials make these beautiful tops feminine and chic. Style up your office with a tucked-in look and a pencil skirt to be on trend. Mix up the collars, and add plenty of accessories. We love just how many different looks a simple blouse can create.

The world of fashion is definitely looking hot this winter. With these essentials in your wardrobe, you are bound to look on trend, chic and thoroughly gorgeous all season! Have a shop around today for your winter wardrobe essentials.

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