ZOMLINGS ☆ Zomlings are a collectible range of colourful and unique characters. Colourful and unique characters that have been a HUGE hit in my...


☆ Zomlings are a collectible range of colourful and unique characters.

Colourful and unique characters that have been a HUGE hit in my house, and not just with the kids, though the products are targeted at the 4-7 age range. For five whole seasons, my partner and my niece have worked on their collections and spent their weekends playing together or having regular “swap sessions.” They are super affordable too, which makes them the perfect pocket money option.

 Zomlings of the future are here!! Season six has arrived and the collection is filled with even funnier, rarer and more adventurous Zomlings than ever before.

Zom-mobiles are a new addition to discover also and for Zomling super fans, a wider range of toys is now available for them to expand their collection.

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There are +100 different Zombling characters to collect.


A long time ago these strange creatures arrived in the city and never left! They have strange antennae and they can be vicious. Beware!


The Zany Zoms believe they are the real Zomlings and that their ancestors arrived in Zomlings town a long time ago when the town was super small. Can this be true?


These guys are a technologically advanced half robot/half zomling! They have revolutionised Zomling city with their inventions. 


The world may have moved on, but even the modern city has dark and strange things lurking. Including these cranky critters!


Manic mutants are very strange, perhaps they were laboratory accidents! Three eyes, two heads, a concoction at best! They are truly incredible! 


◃Starter Pack▹

☽ RRP: £4 ☾ 

Starter packs are… well, a great place to start!

You get: 1 Album Guide + 1 Metal Capsule + Zom-mobile + 3 Zomlings

Zomlings in the future live in advanced capsules rather than houses! There is room for a guest or two and the best part is, they can fly away at any time, transporting your Zomling to a new part of the city whenever you like.


◃Blind Bags▹

☽ RRP: 50p ☾

You get: 1 Zomling + Checklist   



☽ RRP: £1.50 ☾

You get: 1 Zom-mobile + 1 Zomling + Checklist 


◃Blister Pack▹

☽ RRP: £8 ☾

You get: 4 Zom-mobiles + 4 Zomlings 



☽ RRP: £2.50 ☾

You get: 1 Capsule + 2 Zomblings + Checklist 


◃Limited Edition & Ultra Rare▹

In addition to all of the characters already mentioned, there is a  Limited Edition and Ultra Rare collection to look out for. We have been lucky to locate Tronut, a Limited Edition Zomling, so he has a gold finish. Ostrix and Robotorg, both Ultra rare have also been found and they have a silver finish.

The Limited Edition and Ultra Zomlings are hidden amongst normal packets! So fingers crossed you find them all.


Zomlings are available to buy from Co-op, Tesco, One Stop, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and a variety of other newsagents toy stores across the UK.

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Thanks for reading and happy hunting!


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