ZPM’s Trolley Dolly


Use a ZPM Trolley Dolly – all the bags you’ll ever need!

Here at Girlie Gossip we think we have found a great solution to getting your shopping home without using those nasty plastic carrier bags. Perfect for any shopping trip, ZPM’s wonderfully named Trolley-Dolly is a compact pouch that you can hang on your shopping trolley or wear. Once you get to check out, hey presto, it’s packed full of 24 tough, re-usable and washable bags.

Made from incredibly lightweight but amazingly strong parachute material, the bags come in three shapes, hand held, shoulder style and bottle carriers – it even includes little net bags for your fruit and veg! The outer bag has space for your mobile, store card, pen and a clear pocket for your shopping list – the attention to detail is genius!

There are six funky designs to choose from, including shopping lovelies and bright pink polka dots. So now you can feel green and look gorgeous!

Trolley-Dolly £29.99 – www.zpm.com – 0208 939 1780

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